Healing - Lara Koch
Healing The healer is the same person, like the others, but endowed by God (the Universe) the gift of healing, clairvoyance and the interpretation of the seen, the spiritual gift…

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Shamanic ceremony - the ancient rituals of shamans of South America
The drink known as Ayahuasca is used by healers (curanderos), shamans and sorcerers (brujos) of the Amazon since pre-Columbian times for healing and other magical practices. This tradition is probably…

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Physiotherapy is a specialized area of clinical medicine that studies the physiological and therapeutic effect of various physical factors on the human or animal body. These physical factors can be…

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Latimeria, the Center of Chinese and folk medicine

The center of Chinese and folk medicine “Latimeria” was established in 2013, the current doctor and former Professor of laser engineering and technology MSTU. Bauman.

In our Center, and Chinese traditional medicine employs a team of highly qualified professionals that have passed a special selection and have perfect knowledge and experience to solve the most complex problems associated with serious diseases.

During treatment, our Center not only uses herbal and traditional remedies, we struggled with the disease all possible ways, with the highest possible degree of efficiency using knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and all the advanced modern methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Among the achievements: a victory over such serious diseases as leukemia, psoriasis, violation of women’s menstrual cycle and infertility, severe gastrointestinal disease, 100% success in treating cataracts, with a complex degree of sight loss by up to 90 %, bezoparnym method. Continue reading

Folk remedies in dementia

Dementia is a disease gradually turns energetic person in the patient, not able to think abstractly, from whose memory the basic things disappear. And if we get rid of the disease today is impossible, you can prevent further progression of the disease, as well as to reduce existing symptoms.

About senile dementia has long been known, of course, that the healers at all times sought to find a way of ridding the patient from suffering. The most proven and effective recipes, handed down from generation to generation survived to our days. So today, along with traditional medicine has been used successfully in the treatment of dementia folk remedies. These include:

herbal medicine



treatment sounds

Herbal medicine

Perhaps the most common treatment of dementia folk remedies using medicinal plants. Today there are hundreds of species of medicinal herbs, which has a beneficial effect. Continue reading

Alcoholism treatment – eight recipes from traditional healers.

Alcoholism treatment is a very troublesome thing. Alcoholism affects not only the patient, but also his family members, friends, co-workers. The main guarantee of success of treatment of alcoholism is the willingness of the patient to be cured, to quit drinking. But, unfortunately, not always this desire is present. This partly depends on the fact that chronic alcoholism leads to mental degradation or manifested in mental illness. People are no longer able to adequately assess what is happening and may not understand that the treatment is necessary. One of the acute psychoses that result from regular use of alcohol is delirium tremens. In folk medicine, there are ways to help such people and bring them back to normal life. Alcoholism treatment will be more effective if the aid will call upon medicinal plants and the advice of traditional healers.

Eight recipes and the treatment of alcoholism will be pleased with the results:

Centaury-1 part, thyme-1 part, wormwood-1 part. Take three tablespoons of mixture of these herbs and pour one Cup of boiling water. Then carefully wrap and infuse for two hours, then strain. To take four times a day for one tablespoon. Continue reading

Tight and loose swaddling of the child, the benefits and harms
The child was born. How much joy he brings into the family But his birth and added many new concerns, particularly in the mother. She is responsible for the most…


Physiotherapy is a complex medical procedures, which are based on chemical medicines, and the health effects on the human body physical factors. Such as: electromagnetic field, light and heat radiation,…