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The recovery in Chinese medicine. The basics of healing

In the process of the training seminar “Improvement of health in Chinese medicine. The basics of healing” participants will learn about the interrelationship, interdependence and interaction of physical, informational and energetic component of the human body, learn about the structure of the energy body, its channels, meridians, biologically active points. Possess.

Description of the training.

Traditional Chinese medicine, unlike Western, is considering the human body as a whole. If you destroy a body, it inevitably leads to a misalignment of the functioning of all organs and body systems. Freedom from disease is not confined only to treatment of any particular organ. Recovery is possible only by restoring the integrity of the whole organism. In China the doctor is a specialist, helping the patient to harmonize the work of all organs and body systems.

Western medicine successfully (not always) treats the symptoms of various diseases, without affecting its cause. As a result of the disease becoming chronic and hidden course.

Chinese medicine is based on three fundamental concepts: “Theory of energy channels and meridians, Theory of Yin – Yang and the Theory of U-sin”.

People,according to Chinese medicine, the triune. It has a physical component (body) and spiritual (mind) and energy. And diseases, by their nature, can be physical, informational and energetic.

Many diseases are inherently psychosomatic, that is the reason they are wrong emotions, attitude and life. Others are caused by failure of the energy system of the body. Others appear due to harmful environmental influences.

Some of the disease combine all of the above factors or a combination of 2 reasons.

And what’s even more interesting, all the problems with the health impact on any activity we perform, and on all areas of our life.

For example, diseases of the cardiovascular system affect the speed and nature of the turnover of funds. You can go through a lot of seminars and trainings in the field of Finance, but not adjusting the cardiovascular system and the blood, the relationship with money will leave much to be desired.

In the process of the training program, students will learn what energy system of the human body, how it works, what are the violations and how to fix them.

How to increase the body’s resistance to external harmful factors.

But how about eliminating disease physical and energetic body, to establish life in other areas.

A training program based on ancient knowledge of Eastern medicine with modern developments in the field of psychology.

The plan of the training workshop.

1. What is health? Absolute and relative health. Physical, psychological, emotional and energetic health.

2. The causes of diseases: internal and external (from the point of view of Chinese medicine).

3. What is the energy channels and how they relate to the internal organs?

4. How emotions affect our health? What is psychosomatics. Psychological causes of diseases. The view of Chinese medicine on the relationship of emotion to human health.

5. Work with the energy channel of the bladder and kidney channel. Physical, energy and information component system of diseases of the ‘Kidneys’

6. Practice to troubleshoot problems with the skeletal system

1. Six pathogenic factors that affect our health from the point of view of Chinese medicine.

2. Meridional practice breathing to eliminate energy blocks.

3. Activation of hands for treatment of self and others.

4. Energy bodies massage

5. Work with the energy channel of the liver and gallbladder. Physical, energy and information component of the system diseases “Liver”

1. Substance (congenital, acquired, internal organs, growth and reproduction). The formation of blood with s. Chinese medicine. Diseases of the blood.

2. Diseases Of The Soul.

3. Work with the heart centre (the practice).

3. The disease, as part of the personality. “Meet the disease” and “contract” with her.

4. Energy practice “self-medication”

5. Work with the energy of the heart channel and the small intestine Physical, energy and information component of the system diseases Heart

1. Syndromes and symptoms in Chinese medicine.

2. The correspondence of organs and systems of the human body areas of his life.

2.Technique activation of internal resources of the body to start the recovery program.

3. Work with the energy channel of the spleen and stomach. Physical, energy and information component of the system diseases “Spleen”

Theory and practice.

1. Work with the energy channel of the lungs and large intestine. Physical, energy and information component diseases of the system “Light”. The channel “Triple heater” and “Pericardium”

2. Cleansing, revival, regeneration of internal organs.

3. Energy practice for the treatment of viral diseases.

4. The scheme of treatment of some diseases (prostatitis, intervertebral hernia, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, asthma, others – at the request of the group).

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