The clinic of traditional Oriental medicine Dr. tai
Center of Oriental medicine in Moscow Eastern medicine – a systematic body of knowledge of the medical wing, which emerged on the basis of careful observation of vital functions and…

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Herbs for heart patients
Rhodiola rosea or Golden root in the wild is quite rare. Herbs that lower blood pressure, big set, that is, choose any. In addition, many of them grow well in…

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Chinese patch for hemorrhoids - get rid of the problem by using traditional medicine of China!
Dear customers! On the Internet there fakes of these Chinese patches from hemorrhoids! TO PURCHASE THE ORIGINAL PRODUCT MEANS TO SUCCESSFULLY ACHIEVE THE GOAL OF HEALTH ANTI-HEMORRHOIDS can be enjoyed…

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Kazakh equestrian games and folk medicine – in the list of world heritage of China

The inclusion of the Kazakh equestrian games and folk medicine in the list of intangible heritage of China will contribute to their further development, experts say.

Equestrian games and folk medicine of the Kazakhs of the Altai district of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region entered the list of intangible cultural heritage of China, reported the Agency “Xinhua” on January 22. Ethnic Kazakhs living in the region speak of a number of causes, games and medicine to the list.

Perhaps this is one way to preserve the national heritage of the Kazakhs, which impinge on others, says the Azattyk employee of the propaganda Department of the district of Altai named Akai.

Janat, an employee of the clinic of traditional medicine of Altai, who initiated the inclusion of Kazakh folk medicine in the list of intangible cultural heritage of China, agree with This.

– The healing of the people of Kazakhs, which traditions go back centuries, can be used not only medication, but in combination with modern medicine, various treatments, he says.


According to the scientist-ethnographer Zhakyp Mirzakhani, member of the scientific Committee on the assessment of the intangible cultural heritage,living in Urumqi, in China’s intangible cultural heritage belonging to other ethnic groups initially included in the list of heritage at the regional level, of autonomy.

– Then they are sent for inclusion in the state heritage list. If the objects are in the state list of heritage, this is a great achievement, said Zhakyp Myrzahan.

According to him, the Kazakh equestrian games and folk medicine in the list of intangible cultural heritage at state level is included as “belonging to the Kazakh people”.

– This means that in the future no one else will be able to take possession of this heritage. However to support heritage places entered in the state list, the state annually allocates large sums of money, said Zhakyp Myrzahan.

According to Zhakyp Mirzakhani, these funds will be distributed among the followers of the traditions included in the legacy, races, offered to contribute these objects to the list.

– They will receive the title of the owner of the intangible heritage. That is, each year they will award, to mark for the support and development of the cultural heritage of its people, said Zhakyp Myrzahan.


Ethnic Kazakh poet almasbek Ahmetbeyli, who moved to Kazakhstan from China, now living in Almaty, supports the aspiration of living in Xinjiang Kazakhs to promote the people’s heritage.

Textbooks on Kazakh traditional medicine, which conducted the training of students in Xinjiang medical University. Urumqi, February 2013.

– In Xinjiang University to teach a special subject on the Kazakh methods of healing. Thus, simultaneous execution of ten thousand of emotions Kazakh folk kui or dance performance of karagarga is the desire of Kazakhs living there to preserve Kazakh folk values, – says Almazbek Ahmetbeyli.

According to him, the Kazakhs living in China – the country which, he believes, has proved the history and national heritage, – use all opportunities to promote its national heritage.

According to the 2012 census of China, in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region has a population of over one million 400 thousand Kazakhs. The Kazakhs living there before several times tried to incorporate their heritage in the cultural heritage list national and international level.

A couple of entrepreneurs, Bolat Banelli and Gulzat Esenbeckii, entered the Guinness Book of records in 2008, he cooked kazy is a traditional sausage made from horse meat – a length of one hundred meters and weighing one ton. Bolat Banally said that he was opposed to the record registered on behalf of China, in the end, he received a certificate on the prescribed record for the production of Kazi as a heritage of the Kazakh people.

Simultaneous mass execution of ten thousand kui Kazakh dombra players “Kenes”. Xinjiang, may 2010.

In the Guinness Book of records had registered a simultaneous execution of ten thousand of emotions Kazakh folk kui “Kenes” in the area toli the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region in 2010.

In the Guinness Book of records listed smallest lute in the world, it has made ethnic Kazakh Bolatbek Karamanli in 2012, living in China. Length of dombra — 45 mm, width -14 millimeters.

The Chinese authorities are actively engaged in the issues of inclusion in the list of intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO heritage of other ethnic groups living in the country. Beijing has included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of the Uighur Maqam and singing art of the Mongols hurtin doot in 2008, the Kyrgyz epic “Manas” and the tradition of throat singing of the Mongols in 2009,Uighur holiday Mashrab in 2010.

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