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Alternative medicine in Ukraine

Alternative and folk medicine renewed its popularity in Ukraine. As in Britain and other European countries, more and more people are turning to antiquated methods of treatment, or improve their health with the help of latest techniques.

At least so say the representatives of this industry. They justify this by the fact that, say, traditional medicine has been discredited by the high prices and corruption. However, the “classic” doctors believe that without them, still can not do.

The opinions of the surveyed people of Kiev about healing

– I do, I use traditional medicine. Not always, but sometimes it is grass.

– Don’t trust at all because she, in my opinion, unscientific, is based on some mystical experiences.

– As a rule, there is a lot of unskilled assistance, based only making money on people’s health. Although in clinical practice using many drugs of plant origin. But the whole point is to do no harm.

Are there individual members that deserve attention. The chiropractors, for example. But also a lot of charlatans. Everyone can not be trusted. These people need to inspect and give them official work permits.

The Chairman of the Committee on folk and alternative medicine Tatiana Garnik says that this sector is currently severely license: “Doctor of alternative medicine is a professional technician who has a certificate, he studied for six years, completed his internship, specialization and learning the whole life”. Only her body has the right to issue licenses for the practice of “academic” medicine.

However, issue such licenses and healers – i.e. people without special education, who use the knowledge and experience inherited from ancestors. This qualification does exist in Ukraine for 15 years. In 2006 there are officially numbered more than five hundred healers. By law, they must work under the supervision of medical professionals and consult with them. Although healers without licenses much more.

But for graduate doctors from non-traditional, or Vice versa – medicine traditions, in Ukraine there is a special educational institution. But this knowledge, according to Tatyana Garnik, basically can only Supplement the formal science: “traditional and alternative medicine may be the medicine unaccompanied, she is a medical service, which promotes the official medicine is preventive and naturopathic approaches with respect to our health improvement and healthy lifestyles.”

In Ukraine to alternative medicine, according to the Federation of the promotion of health, annually more than five million people. The popularity of the industry is evidenced by the fact that some large insurance companies offer insurance for alternative medicine.

Overall, according to Tatyana Garnik, studies show that people’s trust in doctors 40-60% of Ukrainians.

However, enthusiasts from medicine learn not only the teachings of the ancestors. Recently popular are also methods of treatment associated with high technology, or the most recent experience. For example, some hospitals have a mix of ancient Chinese medicine to space technology.

And in the Crimea, actively operates one of the few research institutes of the Dolphin therapy. This discipline is still quite young, but the Ministry of health gave her the green light.

The head of the Institute is a psychologist with an advanced degree Victor Lysenko said that she would call their methods rather than the classic than traditional. One of the main advantages that treatment does not need any medicines. They are replaced by communication with the Dolphin, which is used in autism, down syndrome and other diseases, mostly for children. Daily treated about two dozen young patients from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, other European and even African countries.

“What distinguishes the Dolphin in a particular form, it is, of course, ultrasonic treatment – the natural sonar of a Dolphin. It at least will give a tremendous emotional outburst, hormonal response”.

However, all these exotic therapies can also cause doubts and questions. It is obvious that herbs and massage to remove appendicitis is unlikely. What do you think about all of this, the representatives of the official branches of health?

Senior scientific worker of Institute of neuro-Andrey Guk. “Alternative medicine, unfortunately, in any case can not replace the official. But it really can help in cases that are not associated with breakdown of physical health, or in the initial stages of the disease”.

This is recognized by qualified experts on folk medicine. In addition, they suggest that you not associate it with medication, which generally impose a taboo.

To control all this, experts advise to integrate alternative medicine in the classical and thus to develop both related branches of health care.

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