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Prostatitis — treatment of folk remedies

Let’s start with the decoctions of of prostatitis:

— Take 2 tbsp of marshmallow root pour 200 ml of purified or boiled water, let boil and keep on low heat for half an hour. Take 60 ml of broth in the morning, afternoon and evening.

— Also it is recommended to use the leaves of bilberry. To prepare the broth take 3, maybe 4 teaspoons of the specified ingredient, fill it with 400 ml water, boil a quarter of an hour, using this procedure, a water bath. Then steep for another 45 min, Take 50 ml before eating.

Well — known properties of celery to enhance male function. To prepare the broth take 20 grams of the plant, fill them with water — one Cup, boil a quarter of an hour. Take 100 ml 4 times a day.

Other popular methods in the treatment of prostatitis:

1. The flowers of cornflower in the amount of 1 teaspoon pour 200 ml of boiling water (don’t pour the vodka! With prostatitis alcohol contraindicated!). Give 30 minutes to brew the infusion. Then take 50 grams before meals. Recipe will be enough for the day.

2. The Heather grass. Take 1 tablespoon of herbs pour 400 ml of boiling water, then steep for 120 minutes and drink 100 ml infusion before eating.

3. In the treatment you can use the herb Pimpernel. 2 tbsp of ingredient, pour two cups of boiling water and leave overnight to steep. After a night to drain. Take 1 Cup in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 before going to bed. Repeat the procedure for 40 days.

4. Another means, to be mixed grated nuts, bark and leaves of the witch hazel, then use 5 teaspoons of the mixture, pour hot water, half an hour boil the broth over low heat. The broth is injected into the body via enema in 60 ml. of Course, not all at once.

5. Take 10 grams of licorice roots, pour 200 ml. water and boil 20 minutes on weak fire. Take 1 tbsp 4 to 5 times a day, with a break of 10 days.

6. Folk remedy prostatitis in men — the decoction of the roots of asparagus. Take 1 tbsp. l. roots, pour a partial Cup of hot boiled water, then boil for a quarter of an hour, and leave for another 45 min. Take 1 tbsp in the morning, afternoon and evening.

7. In this disease also use shoots of thuja Western. Prepared standard. Take 1 tbsp of sprouts, pour 200 ml of boiling water, a quarter of an hour keep on low heat, then drink 60 grams half an hour before eating. Repeat that a contraindication to the use of this or that recipe is individual intolerance to the ingredient!

Better and more correct will be the first thing to go to the doctor! In many diseases the patient is assigned diet. Prostatitis is no exception. So, what can and what can not eat in this disease?

— First of all the patient prostatitis can not eat food, which contains abundantly sugar, starch, spices and condiments. During the meal to drink is not recommended.

— Must be excluded from the diet: sharp, smoked, fried, dairy and sour-milk products, meat, eggs, alcoholic beverages. You should also refrain from drinking coffee, cigarettes and strong tea.

— Good to eat in a day small onion. Food is better not to salt or pickle, but in very small quantities. The menu, as you can see, should be lean.

— Also make sure to avoid any constipation. As a prevention of prostatitis, I suggest a few times a year to undergo evaluation by a urologist. In cold weather dress warmly.

— Eat well and regularly, use folk remedies that do not allow frequent constipation. Move more and exercise regularly. These rules will prevent not only prostatitis, but most other possible diseases.

Remember that medication can only complicate the problem. So be sure to go see a good urologist before trying to cure yourself! Please accept this strong recommendation, given the seriousness of this disease.

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