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Herbs for colds: yarrow, Linden flowers, rhizomes istoda

Yarrow helps colds . It helps a decoction of yarrow (how to make broth ).

To prepare Linden tea for colds . in the summer it is necessary to collect Linden flowers – try to choose a favourable area, and then dried. This herbal tea is taken four times a day.

In dry cough with a cold help rhizomes istoda . The fine-leaved milkwort grows in the Ukraine, the Caucasus or Siberia. It is included in many medicinal fees, and therefore it can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Herbs for colds: chamomile, sage, St. John’s wort

The most popular herb for cold is chamomile. In folk medicine, often use chamomile for the treatment of colds and flu. Per Cup of boiling water a tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers, insist in a thermos for half an hour, strain. Infusion of herbs used for colds several times a day for gargling and is drunk as a tea with lemon and honey.

Also for the treatment of colds of herbs do inhalations with chamomile pharmacy . In a saucepan pour 0,4 liters of water, bring to the boil, in boiling water add one tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers, baking soda and honey. Breathe, cover head with towel and steam for 10 – 15 minutes.When the cold procedure is carried out two or three times a day.

Colds helps gargling with infusion of chamomile and Clary sage . To take an infusion of the sage leaf and chamomile flowers in equal proportions, herbs with a cold ground and mixed. Per Cup of boiling water tablespoon of herbs, insist half an hour in a thermos. Apply several times a day to rinse the throat infusion of warm filtered.

Infusion of Hypericum perforatum used to treat colds . One tablespoon of herb St. John’s wort when cold pour a glass of boiled water for a few hours, take half an hour before eating a third Cup three times a day.

Herbs for colds children

In the treatment of colds for children herbs be careful, they may be allergic. Use simple and proven recipes for funds from the grass with a cold children. Simple rules of using herbs for colds children:

Inhalation for children under 3 years of age is contraindicated.

Honey, raspberry and other herbs can cause an allergic reaction.

The grass is very good for colds children tea from lime blossom

2 tbsp dried crushed lime flowers pour in a porcelain teapot Cup of boiling water, leave for 8-10 minutes and warm to drink 0.5-1 glass of honey (to dilute it to taste) 3 times a day as a diaphoretic and antipyretic for colds and flu, as well as for their prevention. Infusion of Linden flowers has an antimicrobial, emollient, diaphoretic and anti-inflammatory properties.

The juice of strawberries or raspberries for colds children

Will help with a cold. It is recommended to do steam inhalation: in a flat bowl, pour a little boiling broth and to breathe, his head covered with a towel. Take the juice 2-3 times a day 1 glass after the meal, the inhalation to do 2-3 times a day, definitely at night.

Raspberries with honey for the flu and colds children

Infuse 2 tablespoons dried or 100 g fresh raspberries in 1 Cup of boiling water. After 10-15 minutes, add 1 tablespoon of honey, stir. Take in the form of heat as a diaphoretic bedtime.

Dandelion for colds children

All parts of the dandelion have good anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and diaphoretic action. 1 teaspoon of dried powdered herb or roots of dandelion pour 1 Cup of boiling water, leave, wrapped, 30 minutes, or water bath, drain. Give the child 1 tablespoon 4-6 times a day an hour after food with a cold. Age limit – older than 3 years.

Herbs for colds pregnant

Herbal treatment for colds pregnant should be approached with caution . Banned herbal alcohol, especially tinctures Immunostimulants – licorice, Echinacea, Magnolia vine, zamanihi, levzei, ginseng, Rhodiola rosea – they increase blood pressure and heart pulse.

Useful herb for colds for pregnant – fuck. Immune not giving undesired effects has long been used for colds in pregnancy in folk medicine. Grate the root on a fine grater, mix with the same amount of sugar, leave in a warm place for 12 hours, strain and take 1 tbsp every hour in the acute period of a cold.

It must be remembered that herbal treatment for colds should begin at the first symptoms of the disease. In this case, the effectiveness of taking herbs for colds will increase. Recommend another infusion, which is great to cure a cold. Buy in the drugstore herbs – chamomile and bilberry leaf, best bags, and steep both herbs in one Cup. This infusion and drink throughout the day, plus drink plenty of clean water, not less than two liters, because to cure the cold quickly, looking for an active exchange. Chamomile will fight with inflammatory processes, and the leaves of bilberry strengthen the excretory function.

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