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Tight and loose swaddling of the child, the benefits and harms

The child was born. How much joy he brings into the family But his birth and added many new concerns, particularly in the mother. She is responsible for the most difficult period of childhood, that it should hold a little man through “dangers, protecting him from various diseases.

The child was born. How much joy it brings to the family. But with his birth, and added many new concerns, particularly in the mother. She is responsible for the most difficult period of childhood, that it should hold a little man through a “danger:”, protecting it from various diseases.

Along with other conditions ensuring the baby comfort in the environment, a very important temperature in the room. But whatever the temperature in the room where the small child, he needs, especially in winter, extra warm to keep the balance of body temperature. To maintain the constancy of its paramount importance clothes. It creates the necessary microclimate, protecting the baby from hypothermia in the cold and in summer against overheating. Because the biological mechanisms that regulate temperature of the newborn is very imperfect. Therefore, newborns, and children during the first months of life should be worn with strict regard to hygienisation.

How to dress your baby properly?

Famous American pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Spock said that this question is quite difficult. Of course, the clothing of the child must proceed from many factors: weight, age, temperature of the room where the child is. Even newborns of different weights need to dress differently. Thus, children born of normal weight (3 to 4 pounds), dressed differently than those who weigh a little and premature.

For centuries babies swaddled tight. For this purpose there was even a special swaddling clothes in the form of a long narrow strip of matter. Now some Mat using tape. But whether it is convenient for the child to be connected? This method of dressing deprives the baby movements, disturbs the circulation, the respiration, retards the development of motor functions, and even immobility contributes to the emergence of rickets. The twist, in addition, aggravates congenital dislocation of the hip, breaking the walk that leads to the need of surgical treatment. However a congenital defect of the hip joints, according to the orthopedic surgeons, can be eliminated only proper swaddling, if commenced in a timely manner, even in the nursing home and under the supervision of physicians then carry out appropriate preventive measures.

The importance of the clothes and for the proper formation of posture.

After birth the baby’s spine is almost straight line. With the growth and development of the child’s body are formed physiological bends in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine, which play an important role in providing for the cushioning of shocks. Constricting clothes can not only inhibit the formation of the natural curves of the spine, and cause various deformations, i.e., to change posture.

Furthermore, loose swaddling is very important for thermoregulation; it provides a constant body temperature through heat production needs and a smaller loss related to a specific child’s pose.

The works of the distinguished physiologist I. A. Varshavskogo it has been proven that the muscle tone in a certain position provides the necessary level of heat production required to maintain a constant body temperature.

Child’s pose in the first months of life with bent limbs and clenched fists is protective because it reduces the heat transfer surface. At this position muscle tone and provides the right level of heat production. Therefore, it is clear that swaddling the child with violent stretching of the hands and feet along the body increases the heat transfer surface, disrupts the normal heat production and, in addition, causes an impairment in the development of the neuromuscular system. In this regard, physiologically justified method of dressing babies, which does not violate the natural pose of the child and does not restrict movement, i.e. wide loose swaddling.

Free changing method is as follows.

In the delivery room, newborn swaddled in sterile linen, as usual, with his hands and covering his head. After 2 hours, admission to the neonatal his wear a light vest and a second pair of flannel sewn blouse with long sleeves, leaving an open head. Vest and jacket have ribbons and closes freely behind. The blouse long sleeves with cuffs, tightly closed hands. In summer, wear a blouse made of light fabric with the same closed sleeves. The lower part of the body freely wrapped the newborn in two diaper. The third diaper, folded eight times, replace the rubber sheet. In this form, the newborn is placed in an envelope of cotton cloth, which put a soft blanket flannelette in winter and summer fabric that was folded three times. If necessary, in winter time on top of the envelope the child is served a second Baikove blanket.

Dressed so the newborn can move freely. Under clothing is better saved heat, improved hygienic conditions of the child.

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