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The cultivation of medicinal plants: provisory vegetable garden

Increasingly becoming trendy suburban life. Having your own site guarantees the consumption of eco-friendly and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. However, an old gardener knows the character of his virgin brings not only a wealth of fruit. The presence of our own Apothecary garden is an invaluable donation about health during the whole year. The cultivation of medicinal plants and herbs in our own garden will provide a replacement for pharmaceutical drugs.

Apothecary garden is a plot of land, or cultivated herbs, seasoning plants. Harvesting it requires certain knowledge.

Each of the herbs the Apothecary garden has an invaluable impact. What had he been properly maintained and easy to use, herbs should be planted in a special place. It is better to choose the plot fertilized and drained land, anywhere open sun

sometimes several hours a day.

Properties of medicinal plants

Often be healthy on the site are permitted to meet the following herbs: mint, chamomile, Lily of the valley, Valerian, ginger, celandine, burdock, nettle, plantain. Properties of medicinal plants known spacious. Burdock leaves adlaudabilis means near arthritis and joint disease. Celandine is an impressive antiseptic.

The leaves of plantain and dandelion calligraphic combined in a vitamin salad.

Much less

meet sage, St. John’s wort, saffron, lavender, marjoram, Basil, wormwood, the plant (cilantro), celery, yarrow, motherwort, knotweed. Sage needed about the treatment of skin diseases, diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, viral infections.

St. John’s wort is necessary to dry the bundles. This siras relieves sleep disorders, calms stomach pain, effective at the time of menopause in women. Saffron requires a particularly Sunny place. Its flowers are harvested in early autumn about the treatment of vision problems. Lavender relieves stress, fatigue, headache and upset insomnia; treats cystitis, tachycardia, rheumatism. Marjoram brings relief suffering from diabetes, kidney disease, gallbladder. Basil is required in your medicine chest about the treatment of sprains, bruises. The infusion of its leaves cures conjunctivitis. Wormwood, because of its bitterness, is anthelminthic agent. Coriander leaves are a herb that has beneficial properties.

Collecting a green cilantro leaves, allowed them to chop and freeze, so after this almost fresh dues to the table in winter. Raw celery

dissolves postponed in the joints of salt.

Yarrow is hemostatic and anti-inflammatory herb. Cures disease and stomach ulcers, hemorrhoids. Motherwort is the herb cores, to no avail normalizes the character a nice rhythm. Knotweed displays from kidney stones due to its silicic acids (the same property have dandelions), lowers blood pressure.

The collection of medicinal plants

Regular flooding is enough to promote rapid growth of plants. Basically, herbs can be sown seeds. The young shoots should purely loosen, weed, and water wietny water.

All the herbs collected in the period from early spring to autumn, in the period of flowering and maturation of seeds. Dried herbs have in a dark place outdoors. The main thing — to lay out the buds or

leaves a thin layer. To avoid putrefaction, herbs should often be mixed. To store dried herbs mostly in paper bags outside of access to sunlight. Place storage bags with herbs, tinctures ought to be dry and ensure gazobeton of fresh air.

To enjoy the results of the Apothecary garden, should the establishment not only the methods of harvesting hay, but the technology of preparation of tinctures. For beginners who want to create provisory vegetable garden, one must consciously choose the necessary herbs to have full information on the impact of each herb on the body, adhere to all the rules in the preparation of decoctions and infusions.

The presence of a variety of herbs in your garden will ensure complete protection for your body!

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