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Does alternative medicine against cancer

In this article we will not offer any recipe alternative medicine against cancer. Here we will talk about the attitude of official medicine and science for existing alternative methods of cancer treatment. You will learn about non-traditional therapies are really effective and which are not. From conspiracy theories to reality

Proponents of alternative medicine love to talk about various conspiracy theories, there is a cure for all types of cancer, but drug companies hide this fact.

This statement does not hold water because the staff and owners of pharmaceutical companies suffer from cancer. It is noteworthy that the famous scientist Ralph Steinman involved in the development of a cure for cancer, not lived up to the Nobel prize because of pancreatic cancer.

It should be borne in mind that all cancer diseases are very different from each other. For example, even a single breast cancer has several subtypes, and the common cure for these diseases cannot be determined. By the way, we’ve prepared an article on the myths about breast cancer. Be sure to read.

What science says about cancer treatment unconventional methods

Just note that the official science and medicine in any case does not reject all non-traditional methods of treatment of cancer. Do not think that scientists and medicin this questions already categorical. It is understood that the scientist can only refer to evidence. Many alternative methods of treatment of oncological diseases was investigated in the laboratory, and some of them are really confirmed.

What types of cancer treatments have no evidence base

The efficacy of some alternative cancer treatments not yet proven. Such techniques include:

The use of shark cartilage. This is a common myth that sharks don’t get cancer. Therapy Is Gerson. Macrobiotic diet. Green tea. Co-Enzyme Q10. The use of extracts of the thymus. Large doses of vitamin C. Homeopathic medicines. Low-carb diet (we wrote about low-carb diet) Fish oil.

The use of antioxidants to treat cancer.

What cancer treatments are available contradictory data

These methods of treatment of cancer are conflicting data regarding their effectiveness:

The extract of mistletoe. Many studies shows that extract of this plant really works against cancer cell cultures. But, with regard to its effectiveness against human beings, then scientists are not sure. There is evidence that an extract of mistletoe is toxic to the liver and can cause a serious allergic reaction.

St. John’s wort extract. There is evidence to indicate the efficacy of Hypericum extract, if you enter it directly into the tumor, and then carry out the Photoactivation. Perhaps this method of treatment is effective against bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer.

The herb Astragalus. Some research shows that taking Astragalus increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

Alternative methods of cancer treatment, which really help to cope with symptoms of the disease

Diet in cancer with the consumption of large amounts of vegetables and fruits. As practice shows, the patients feel after this diet improves.

Acupuncture – a treatment that helps to cope with the many symptoms that accompany cancer (nausea, pain, dizziness).

Melatonin – a substance which helps to cope with a painful condition of the patient.

Meditation, massage and yoga. These methods in some cases, help to cope, but the result may be unstable.

Sport. Moderate physical activity improves the efficiency of treating breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer.

If you decide to resort to alternative medicine, then don’t be afraid to tell your doctor. Of course, the physician may not support your decision, but it is important that he knew all the information about those or other methods that will be undertaken. It is possible that some alternative therapies interfere with chemotherapy, and with them it would be better to wait.

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