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Shamanic ceremony – the ancient rituals of shamans of South America

The drink known as Ayahuasca is used by healers (curanderos), shamans and sorcerers (brujos) of the Amazon since pre-Columbian times for healing and other magical practices. This tradition is probably as old as the South American civilization itself.

In the nineteenth century the West began to penetrate the rumors and cryptic messages about the incredible properties of Ayahuasca. It was argued, if under its influence can pass through walls, to find lost treasures, to look into the future and to participate in events occurring in distant countries. Missionaries and doctors reported that this drink awakens and develops telepathic abilities.

During archaeological excavations on the coast of Ecuador, were found so-called witches ‘ pots, used for brewing Ayahuasca, their age – about 3500 years. The opening of the drink is shrouded in impenetrable veil of mystery and in no way can be random. “In ancient times lived in the rain forest lucky hunter. Once, traveling away from home, he heard a Liana speaking to him. Hunter knew a lot about the power of plants, he knew how to prepare poison for their arrows from their roots, bark and leaves. Returning home with his new discovery, he saw a dream in which the spirit of the vine told about how to cook from her drink, intelaudiostudio diseases.”

To this day, the shamans use Ayahuasca decoction in order to establish the causes of diseases, to travel through the world of the forest, invisible to ordinary sight, to communicate with the spirits of plants and animals, rituals dedicated to the immersion into the world of myths and legends.

What are curanderos?

CURANDEROS – a Spanish word which comes from Latin “cura” meaning care, custody; accordingly, the Latin ‘curans’ translates as a doctor, a healer. Hence the English “cure” – care, healing; to heal, to fix, to bring health, clean. In Peru, Ecuador and other Latin American curanderos – shamans-medicine men with special Magical Knowledge which they get mostly from communication with Power Plants (Ayahuasca, Chacruna, Chaliponga, San Pedro, Mapacho, etc.)

Ayahuasca Ceremony

An Ayahuasca ceremony is a special ritual performed by the healers of South American curanderos . Curanderos believe that Ayahuasca (sometimes in Russian translates as ayawaska, ayavaska, Ayahuasca, Yuasa, etc.) – their main ally and spirit dwelling in plant science has been called Banisteriopsis caapi . in combination with many other plants. Typically, the second component of the broth – Chacruna ( Psychotria viridis ). According to the shamans Ayahuasca is a living plant, and his spirit manifests itself in different ways and we can communicate with him, purifying his body, mind and drawing on sacred wisdom and spiritual power.

The name ‘Ayahuasca’ derives from the words of the language of Quechua Indians: ‘aya’ means ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’, ‘huasca’ – ‘twining stem, rod, whip’. The name Ayahuasca (Ayahuasca) refers to a medicinal and magical drink incorporating two or more varieties of plants that can give rise to profound mental, physical and spiritual experiences, when these plants are boiled together, used in shamanic ceremonies.

One of the primary elements of the beverage – giant woody Liana vine called Ayahuasca, Latin name Banisteriopsis caapi (or other varieties). Other plants (or a plant), mixed with Ayahuasca, contain tryptamine alkaloids, most often dimethyltryptamine dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Commonly used the leaves of the chacruna tree (chacruna) – Psychotria viridis and other species, and oco yagé; also known as chalipanga, chagraponga, and huambisa (Diplopterys cabrerana).

Ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) is a decoction from a mixture of Ayahuasca and Chacruna (or other plants) used in a special shamanic ceremony – Ayahuasca ceremony.

Another mandatory attribute of the ceremony – the local tobacco mapacho. Mapacho – ceremonial tobacco used by shamans during an Ayahuasca ceremony.

During the ceremony of Ayahuasca ethereal melodies (icaros and mariris) shaman-curanderos open acoustic window into the World of spirit around us, and all participants fill the streams of healing energy and wisdom of many generations of the tribe avastra (shaman leading the ceremony).

Amingo believes that the Liana Ayahuasca is a female spirit that, combined with Chacruna – men’s spirit, gives participants the wise healing vision, opens spiritual eyes. However, all these designations like ‘female’ and ‘male’ plants is very conditional. In different tribes different shamans had its own version and their myths associated with Ayahuasca.

Separately Ayahuasca opens black-and-white vision, shape without color, and the leaves of the chacruna tree give vision color.

Ayahuasca ceremony was conducted in the Amazonian Selva and beyond for thousands of years, they are an integral part of the culture and religion of the ancient inhabitants of the South American continent. An Ayahuasca ceremony is completely legal in Peru. In Brazil there are official Churches in which Ayahuasca is used as a Holy communion . The most famous of them – Santo Daimyo .

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