Healing - Lara Koch
Healing The healer is the same person, like the others, but endowed by God (the Universe) the gift of healing, clairvoyance and the interpretation of the seen, the spiritual gift…

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The Mitera clinic – alternative medicine

The European quality clinic “Mitera” was founded over 20 years ago, the candidate of medical Sciences, chief physician of the clinic Titenko Tatiana Mikhailovna.

Our partners are medical institutions of Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Russia. Therefore, medical practice blades is constantly evolving. We use a comprehensive approach to treatment. Effectively combine modern techniques with traditional medicine with innovation and unconventional methods of treatment.

Non-traditional methods

For the many years of practice we have seen that in many cases traditional medicine can be powerless or driven into a dead end. Comes to the aid of alternative medicine and its methods proved their effectiveness long history. The main non-traditional methods of treatment of the clinic “Mitera” are:

Let us consider each of these techniques in detail.


Medical method Anthroposophy views the human as a being consisting of Body, Soul and spirit. This approach views disease as an imbalance between these components resulting in the development of physical diseases. Anthroposophy, as a therapy of alternative medicine, has extended the perception of the patient. The method of anthroposophy, in combination with traditional medicine, can restore the patient’s vitality, improve health of mind and body,harmonize the work of all vital organs. A similar method has been used successfully in the treatment of endocrine and nervous systems, diseases of the heart and lungs. And according to the observations of many years of practice, gives excellent results.


Man is inseparable from nature. Therefore, when treatment is much more effective to take medicines of natural origin. Thus Homeopathy is an alternative, but equally effective field of modern medicine. Our doctors homeopaths recommend treatment with homeopathic preparations containing only natural ingredients. Homeopathic medicines are absolutely harmless and are easily digested in the body even infant. In our clinic, the treatment the homeopathic medicine is applied as a fast and safe method for treatment of skin diseases, stomach problems, liver, heart and other systems of the human body.

Unique, patented development of our clinic spectrum and dynamic Phototherapy system with return biological communication “Synergis”. Ukrainian scientists have created the world’s first medical system with elements of artificial intelligence. During Phototherapy sessions, “Sinergis” is able to capture the vital indicators of the person and to coordinate the process of recovery.


So the body wants to recover his physical body should be filled with vital forces. Eurythmy is a method of alternative medicine, is able to return the body to a state of equilibrium and peace, allow the patient to feel your body, to regain the lost harmony. Eurythmy is based on the art of movement, perception of beauty, the patterns of speech and music. Method eurythmy is used in Anthroposophical medicine to treat psychiatric disorders, insomnia, menstrual disorder and digestive tract.

Our clinic works on the basis of the well-equipped diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. In the diagnosis of disease, we use knowledge from various medical schools: the European academic medicine, Classical homeopathy, ancient Eastern medicine, Ayurvedic medicine.

All the best together with the position of Anthroposophic medicine: individuality, integrity, safety and efficiency.

Our first task is to restore the patient’s health and resume his happy life

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