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Kalina – beauty recipes

Hardly ever there is at least one woman who would not dream of eternal beauty and youth. To keep the youth is not really so simple. To this end, each woman need to put a lot of effort. Methods of preservation of beauty today is not just a lot, but a lot. Quite often, to save their beauty women use, and popular recipes. Modern cosmetology involves the use of numerous medicinal plants. One such plant is viburnum . If You wish Your skin was always beautiful and elastic, then this article is specially for You.

To begin, a few words about the useful properties of viburnum. Kalina is a medicinal plant that is used in cosmetology as a rejuvenator, tonic, and anti-aging agents. All these useful properties viburnum required components that are present in its composition. This ascorbic acid and iron salts, and tannins, and vitamins A and E, and pectin, carotene, organic acids, and so on and so forth. In the composition of berries of viburnum has a large number and variety of mineral substances. Kalina is one of the most healing plants, is why its so widely used not only in national but also in traditional branches of medicine.

And now to the main event and consider the most useful masks, which include viburnum. So, toning mask for normal skin. To prepare this mask, you must take three tablespoons of viburnum juice, five tablespoons of Herculean grits, one egg white and one tablespoon of yogurt and liquid honey. Mix all the ingredients and apply the mixture on previously cleansed face and décolleté. Keep this mask must fifteen to twenty minutes, then to wash off warm water. The mask of viburnum can not more than twice a week. The course of treatment is ten to twelve treatments.

Kalina is one of the few medicinal plants that can be used to combat wrinkles. take cranberry juice and freeze it in molds for ice. Every morning take one piece of ice and wipe your face with it.

Viburnum can to do baths for hands. Baths for hands can be done very simply: you need to take warm water and add one tablespoon of sea salt and two tablespoons of juice snowball. In the bath should keep your hands within a quarter of an hour. You will immediately see the effect, the skin of Your hands will be baby. By the way, this bath has a strengthening effect on the nails.

If You need to whiten the skin, Kalina will come to the rescue in this case. Take cranberry juice, egg whites and all mix thoroughly. The resulting mask is applied on face skin every day for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Moisturizing lotion from viburnum suitable for women with any skin type. A prescription lotion from viburnum is simple: take two yolks, one glass of guelder rose juice, the same of camphor alcohol, water and yogurt, one tablespoon of liquid honey, the same amount of vegetable oil and four tablespoons of lemon juice. To begin, stir the yolks with vegetable oil, add to the mixture the yogurt and lemon juice, then juice the guelder rose, camphor alcohol, liquid honey, water, and all mix thoroughly. The mixture to wipe the face every day before going to sleep. Store this mixture in the refrigerator is necessary.

If You need to get from viburnum only nutritional effects, then every day before going to sleep lubricate cleansed face juice of this plant.

I want to draw Your attention to the fact that Kalina is a part of some special SUPPLEMENTS (biologically active additives), which are also capable of exerting on the body a rejuvenating effect.

Before applying you should consult with a specialist.

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