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The ancient ritual of "Pachamanca", a Ritual Puente de Rocio, San Pedro ceremony, ritual Wachuma, the ritual of making Owasco, fortune in Coca leaves, a ritual offering to the mother,…

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Tight and loose swaddling of the child, the benefits and harms
The child was born. How much joy he brings into the family But his birth and added many new concerns, particularly in the mother. She is responsible for the most…

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Tight and loose swaddling of the child, the benefits and harms
The child was born. How much joy he brings into the family But his birth and added many new concerns, particularly in the mother. She is responsible for the most…

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Mesotherapy injection

The procedure of injection mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid in Kiev

The procedure of mesotherapy for more than fifty years, used for healing skin and restore her vitality and youth.

The popularity of this method is that to solve a variety of cosmetic and age-related skin problems without surgical intervention.

Why injection mesotherapy is so effective? All the matter in therapeutic injections – “mesocotyl of youth” vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, amino – and nucleic acids. Ultra-slim needle they injected into the skin layers (medium and deep), increasing circulation and cell regeneration. Even the most expensive cream from wrinkles are only on the surface of the skin, whereas injectable mesotherapy allows useful substances to get directly under the skin.

Thanks to mesotherapy You will be able to:

change the structure of the skin;

to correct superficial wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, lips;

to increase the elasticity of the skin;

to achieve the effect of suspenders.

As for the cost of the procedure, mesotherapy of the face in Kiev, “the Institute of clinical medicine,” it depends on:

the duration of the procedure;

the number of the desired substance;

the chosen drug.

After a few sessions You will see how posvizhiye and rejuvenate Your skin.

Hyaluronic acid and mesotherapy

With age, hyaluronic acid in the body becomes less. Because of this, the skin loses its elasticity and beauty. Therefore, the injection of hyaluronic acid for your face – effective method, which will return Your skin to a youthful and natural color.

They help troubled young skin, what is reflected in the reviews of mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid those who encountered a vascular net (rosacea) or with acne.

Hyaluronic mesotherapy safe and virtually painless. A slight redness of the skin, occurring briefly after the procedure, passes quickly.

Used injections of hyaluronic acid in Kiev, in our “Institute of clinical medicine”.

Here You can undergo biorevitalisation. This procedure helps to restore the skin at the first sign of aging, sudden weight loss or after damage in the result of plastic surgery.

The effect biorevitalisation seen already after a couple of sessions, as this procedure almost immediately saturates the skin with moisture.

What determines the cost of the procedure hyaluronic acid

The cost of the procedure depends primarily on the number necessary for the course of the preparation of hyaluronic acid. But remember, the price can not be low, because it’s a medical procedure requiring special conditions, quality of preparation and high qualification of the doctor.

It should be noted that the cost of mesotherapy for face with hyaluronic acid is still much lower than surgical anti-aging treatments.

Mesotherapy is used:

for the treatment/prevention of skin aging (mesolifting);

with the loss of skin elasticity, definition of facial contours;

when pallor of the skin, pigmentation;

when you rosacea (expansion and capillary fragility);

when alopecia (progressive hair loss).

But there are also some contraindications to this procedure. This:



the post-operative period (within two to three weeks);

violation of blood coagulability;

during menstruation;

chronic diseases of internal organs;

diabetes mellitus and cancer;

administration of anticoagulants (coumarins, ticlid, heparin, espiritista).

Read more about the price of mesotherapy You know, after consultation with our cosmetologists “Institute of clinical medicine”.

The benefits of mesotherapy procedure in our “research Institute of clinical medicine”:

Affordable prices for mesotherapy in Kiev and prices for biorevitalisation in Kiev.

Experienced cosmetologists to correctly diagnose Your problem. Already at the consultation You will be offered appropriate drug cocktails.

Our doctors-cosmetologists, thanks to the use of effective techniques of injection of drugs, ready to help You today.

You deserve to be beautiful!

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