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Beer in alternative medicine

Ever since people began to brew beer, they found in him more and more useful properties. Indeed, if we consider the recipe and technology of preparation of this ancient drink, there is nothing harmful to the body cannot be found.

Malt and rich in carbohydrates, protein, and enzymes, and mineral salts. In the brewing process all these ingredients in a significant number of pass into the drink.

The beer history of medicine begins with ancient times. Even the Sumerians, the doctors prescribed a mouth rinse and drinking warm beer inside to treat toothache. In the middle ages beer was used to get rid of kidney stones and to treat exhaustion, both physical and spiritual; beer rubbed tired legs after the long journey. In the XVI century, the famous Paracelsus, Theophrastus Bombast Hockenheim, who is considered the founder of the pharmaceutical business, treating liver disease fern beer, and diseases of the respiratory tract beer sage. Beer was used in medieval cosmetology as masks and ointments for skin rejuvenation.

Devastating epidemics of cholera in Europe rarely affected workers medieval Breweries. Therefore, the German Professor Koch, the discoverer of causative agents of cholera, all podderjivali Czech fellow professors and the Head of Tamera, which saw beer the cure for cholera. Beer deadly bacilli die in a few hours, and the disease does not develop.

By the way, an interesting fact that in the eighteenth and early nineteenth century, most medicines in hospitals are accepted only with beer. How wonderful tonic, disinfectant and tonic drink beer gave recovering in hospitals of St. Petersburg until the mid-nineteenth century.

In recent times, beer became a national drink in Japan. Why do people from the land of the Rising sun began to prefer it to traditional sake? Scientists proved that beer displays the body of carcinogens and reduces the risk of cancer. So the beer goes well with Japanese cuisine, features which contribute to the development of cancer, because regular consumption of beer can reduce the risk of disease by 2-3 times.

Drunk on an empty stomach beer dries the stomach, frees him from excess of mucus, which is useful for most types of gastritis. A small amount of beer in the recovery period after severe diseases helps to quickly restore normal flora of the gastrointestinal tract. Also observed a positive effect of barley drink on the restoration of the mucosa in diseases of the stomach and duodenum, gastritis, duodenitis and peptic ulcer disease. Beer is the only alcoholic beverage that contains hop bitterness, which activates the secretion of gastric juice. Promoted from hops in beer active substances have a calming, soothing and even hypnotic effect, inhibiting growth and reproduction of bacteria.

It is absolutely certain that beer removes from the body salts of aluminum and no other fluid can do this. The beer is good thirst quencher due to its content of mineral substances and carbon dioxide expands the capillary vessels of the mucous membrane of the digestive system, which promotes more rapid flow of fluid in the blood.

Beer baths help to regulate sweating. To do this, add in warm water a bottle of beer and a little lie down in the bathroom. In the bath beer poured on hot stones. This is done because the beer pairs very useful for skin and for the whole body.

Various masks and creams on the basis of beer contribute to wrinkles. Beer masks have a beneficial effect on oily skin, increasing its elasticity, improving blood circulation, regulating groovetune and closing the pores. Cool fresh beer foam also helps to get rid of wrinkles.

The best remedy for hair styling, which was known even to our great – grandmother- it’s beer. If you put beer on your hair and leave for some time, they will gain a healthy glow, elasticity, stop hair loss. And regular rinsing with beer after shampooing to quickly get rid of dandruff and give your hair Shine and silkiness.

There are many folk recipes for the treatment of colds. For example, a spoon of honey to a mug of mulled beer and cold as usual.

Beer accelerates metabolism in the body, rejuvenates the cells. Experience shows that people who regularly drink beer, of course, in moderation, age more slowly than those who do not drink beer. Scientists believe that 1-2 glasses of beer per day slow the aging process.

But even more moderate consumption of beer, which is about a mug a day reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, positive effect on the kidneys, preventing the formation of stones, and increases the body’s defenses. This is the view of the Czech and German doctors.

Beer – a miracle product invented by man. Just do not forget that this drink is not worth it to get involved. You can each day drink a gallon of beer and die in 30 years from what the liver refused to work, and you can take a bottle of magic potion for 24 hours and live a hundred years without sorrow and troubles. Each chooses himself.

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