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Use of physiotherapeutic methods in the treatment of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a disease that may eventually lead to disability. In the last stages of the disease the only treatment is joint replacement prosthesis. To reach that point, you need to pay disease due attention at the initial stages, when it is hoped to slow or even stop the breakdown of cartilage.

The main treatment is the intake of properly selected drugs. However, the daily pill greatly increases the risk of developing side effects. But here you can find a solution to this situation is the use of physiotherapy. This method will allow several times to enhance the effect of drugs and reduce the dosage, and therefore will be reduced the number of side effects.


In the treatment of osteoarthritis are used the most different types of physiotherapy. This may be electrophoresis. ultrasound. of the magnetic field. radiation exposure. However, on their own they cannot be used in any case. Only a doctor can accurately determine the number of sessions a patient should undergo and what machine he should be treated.

Most physical therapy takes place at a time when the person is in the hospital. There there are separate classrooms with specially trained character. And correct medication allow, moreover, to help the patient to cope with pain that appears when danazolonline already at a very early stage.

Electrophoresis and ultrasound

Physiotherapy in osteoarthritis of the knee usually begins with the use of electrophoresis. Thus charged particles, and here in this role are the ions of the drug, are moving through the electromagnetic field created by two electrodes. When current is applied and the ions of the drug penetrate into the deeper layers of skin problem areas, and as a result, a high concentration of the drug. Thus, the drug begins to work almost instantly. Benefits of physiotherapy — no damage to the skin, as in the injections, and the medicine is only a spot and not spread throughout the body, as when using tablets.

Another equally common method of treating arthritis is ultrasound. Here the therapeutic effect is based on the ability of high-frequency sound to trigger when exposed to the human body, some positive effects. In the damaged joint, improves metabolism, it becomes more resistant to damage. And since the cartilage is not restored, the main goal of treatment for this difficult disease is its preservation.

Magnetic therapy and the use of radiation exposure

This kind of physiotherapy in recent years has become increasingly popular. Why is it recommended by doctors in a variety of arthritis, including osteoarthritis in the shoulder joint?

Improves rheological properties of blood.

Decreases inflammation.

Improves vascular tone.

Improves the flow of blood and lymph.

Accelerate the healing process.

While magnetic therapy can be both local and General. But to apply this type of treatment alone still not worth it, and before you start to be treated in this way, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Radiation exposure on the affected joints can be used separately or in conjunction with other methods. Moreover, this type of treatment often has fewer contraindications and can be used where other methods of physical therapy are contraindicated just.

But for all such methods of treatment there are common contraindications. And with them you should definitely learn before you start to be treated these ways.

Malignant tumor in any part of the body.

Tuberculosis in an active stage.

Epilepsy .

Hypertension in the latter stages.

Heart failure 3 degrees.

Atherosclerosis .


The increased temperature of the body.


Strong weight loss.

The tendency to develop bleeding.

The worsening of the disease

Physiotherapy is contraindicated during exacerbation of any osteoarthritis. Thus in the knee joint fluid may accumulate or even pus. In this case, treatment only with medicines and physiotherapy techniques can bring only deterioration of the disease.

Everyone knows about it specialist. And should be known to every person who suffers from this unpleasant affliction.

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