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Physiotherapy in osteoarthritis — as an effective method of treatment

Physical therapy in osteoarthritis is useful in that it prevents the destruction of articular cartilage and has a positive has a big effect on its metabolism. It also reduces inflammation of the joint and reduces pain. Apply physiotherapy in osteoarthritis in combination with medical methods, and physiotherapy alone. Let us consider physiotherapy, which are used in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

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Hardware methods of physiotherapy treatment of osteoarthritis

Ultrasound therapy in osteoarthritis — is used for the treatment of osteoarthritis, in cases where the patient manifested intense pain in the joint. This type of physical therapy often are the elderly. There is a category of people who are forbidden to undergo ultrasound therapy, for example, those who have heart disease or more complex instances of osteoarthritis, such as synovitis.

Microwave therapy for osteoarthritis — the microwaves can penetrate quite deeply into the tissues of the joint, which is very good in the treatment of osteoarthritis. This method of therapy is good because it is harmless even for people with heart disease or other illnesses that do not may be other types of physiotherapy.

The application of coolants in osteoarthritis is one of the most popular physical therapy methods of treatment of osteoarthritis worldwide. It lies in the fact that the coolant temperature increase in the diseased joint, thanks cheapholidays metabolism, restores cartilage, increases the metabolism of the tissues. In the case of the last stage of osteoarthritis (the third), this method of treatment should not be used, as well as in cases of other diseases of the joint.

Electrophoresis in osteoarthritis — this method is used in cases of pronounced pain symptoms, most often in elderly patients. If the use of electrophoresis comes to zinc, magnesium or sulphur, this method contributes to the treatment of osteoarthritis, because it improves the metabolism in the joints. During electrophoresis Dimexidum, which eliminates pain and inflammation in the joint.

Local barotherapy in osteoarthritis — this method of physical therapy helps to improve blood circulation in the joints, is used in cases where pharmacological methods are powerless. Local barotherapy has contraindications, such as other methods of physical therapy of osteoarthritis.

Don’t forget that before treatment one of the hardware methods of physiotherapy, you should go consult a doctor, because physiotherapy techniques are contraindications.

Physical therapy for osteoarthritis

We reviewed the most popular and relevant hardware methods of physiotherapy treatment of osteoarthritis, now let’s move on to the methods of physical therapy. One should also not forget that before the occupation of physical therapy, you should warm up your muscles( paraffin, massage, heating pad). After exercise, quite effectively used this type of physiotherapy such as ultrasound.

Exercises in osteoarthritis is useful because it strengthens the muscles around the joint, in turn, the muscles reduce the load on the joint. Also therapeutic exercises in osteoarthritis patients restore mobility of the joints, and helps produce the synovial fluid that provides nutrition to the articular cartilage. Physical exercises for osteoarthritis, in any case, should not cause pain and carry a large load on the joints. Besides regular exercising, and yoga is useful in osteoarthritis, but which include only safe exercises for painful joints. For the preparation of complex exercises it is advisable to involve a specialist, because only he can offer you safe and effective exercises for osteoarthritis.

Massage in osteoarthritis

Massage is beneficial because it improves blood circulation in the joints and muscles, which in turn relieves muscle spasms, increases the production of synovial fluid and reduce pain in the joint. Massage in the treatment of osteoarthritis are the various species underwater, cupping and others.

Spa treatment in osteoarthritis

If you can afford treatment in special sanatoriums, it will be the most effective method of treatment of osteoarthritis. In sanatoria in the treatment program included all of the above methods and medical methods of treatment of osteoarthritis. For your treatment will be monitored by the specialists. Don’t forget that the treatment of osteoarthritis should be comprehensive, and in spas, the treatment is the only way.

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