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Chinese patch for hemorrhoids – get rid of the problem by using traditional medicine of China!

Dear customers! On the Internet there fakes of these Chinese patches from hemorrhoids!


ANTI-HEMORRHOIDS can be enjoyed in the town in the following countries:


People who are suffering from hemorrhoids, have a hard time because it is a dangerous disease in dilapidated condition causing tremendous discomfort. They can’t sit calm, in some cases even walking, and as a result of strong pain it is difficult to empty your bowels.

If you experience this delicate problem, patients are starting to use various ointments purchased at the pharmacy, doing all kinds of baths and lotions, light candles.

For some time the pain really subsides, but after eating spicy food sharp pain immediately comes back. Without drugs it is impossible to do, but you cannot use them constantly.

There is one proven way, and it is most effective – the Chinese patch from hemorrhoids “Anti-hemorrhoits Plaster”, which helps to quickly get rid of this problem.

Medical gadget consists exclusively of natural ingredients. It should be used transdermally, in other words it exerts its effective action directly through the skin, stopping bleeding, reducing inflammation and much muffling severe pain during the onset of hemorrhoids.

Treatment, even in severe stage, with the help of this patch is very convenient and surprisingly effective.

The Chinese remedies for hemorrhoids

This tool contains only active natural substances, with the exception of papaverine hydrochloride, which is synthesized from poppy:


Papaverine hydrochloride


Berberine hydrochloride

The root of a plant Burnet

Berberine hydrochloride helps relieve the problematic processes that occur in the area of inflammation. This natural ingredient also has anti-diabetic and even anti-cancer properties.

Due to the fact that in Halle Chinese contains tannin, it has a light astringent effect, therefore, reduces the swelling of all the scar tissue and stops the appearance of bleeding. In addition to this component relieves irritation of the skin, reduces itching in the appearance of hemorrhoids.

Borneol has analgesic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. It promotes relief of severe pain and helps the healing process. Borneol, among other things, used in medicine China in the event of bruises, mosquito bites, all kinds of sprains, in the treatment of colds.

That’s why, thanks to the borneol patch from hemorrhoids as effective.

The root of a plant Burnet has a hemostatic effect, which is so important when bleeding in the anus. Also it stimulates regeneration.

IMPORTANT: IN folk medicine of China the root of this plant is used for immediate suspension of blood and for healing open sores and wounds.

Papaverine hydrochloride is used in medicine as an antispasmodic, it relieves the pain, exerting a spasmolytic effect in the active region.

All components of the patch is completely safe and immediately absorbed into the body directly through the navel. Thus, activated regenerative processes in the body. At this time, your entire body needs support, this is why during the treatment it is advisable to refuse from alcoholic beverages, salty and spicy food.

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