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Rejuvenation at home with the help of popular recipes

Most likely, there will be no such women that would say that she doesn’t want to stay young. After all, youth, best of the eternal, — the dream of every normal ladies. But, unfortunately, our body is designed so that throughout life he wears and all the signs of aging.

We women try all the ways first to prevent aging and later hide all of its manifestations.

Methods of rejuvenation today weight. This cosmetic procedures with the use of anti-age cosmetics, and hardware procedures in beauty salons, and home-made cosmetics, and even popular recipes. That’s about rejuvenation at home using a variety of popular recipes today and we’ll talk.

Folk recipes for rejuvenation

As it turns out, means for rejuvenation you can easily prepare at home. They are used in different products that you can find in the kitchen. On the effectiveness of such funds rarely sell cosmetic, plus they are more natural and environmentally friendly. Rejuvenate at home with a clear conscience, as the most safe. Because of cosmetics that are sold in stores, we do not know almost nothing, or very little. Here we ispolzuyteskryty natural products that have long been known to us.

Start, perhaps, stands with women’s anti-aging balm . It helps to restore the complexion, and to feel attractive and desirable.

To prepare a rejuvenating balm for women is very simple. To do this, take a clove of garlic, divide it into slices, peel and pour a glass of strong white wine. Put on the fire and wait until it boils. Then make the fire to minimum, cover the mixture with a lid and let it rolling boil at least half an hour. Next cool balm and pour it into the bottle.

To make this rejuvenating balm will need 1 tsp three times a day before meals. Moreover, the course is not large and is three days. There is however one feature. To start taking anti-aging balm you should start with the full moon.

Another elixir of youth is red wine . But the wine we do with the secret. We will insist on herbs — lavender and sage. Take 100 g of dried leaves and pour a liter of dry red wine. Close the vessel and being abandoned for two weeks in a dark place. After wine the infusion is ready, it must strain and pour into a bottle. To take wine with anti-aging effect should be 30-50 g twice a day 30 minutes before meals. It will not only return beauty and youth and will lead the body to tone and get rid of the senile senility.

For any woman is not a secret that skin can be rejuvenated with the help of masks. Here is one popular recipe that is loved by many women.

Homemade anti-aging mask from protein

For example, to restore the skin’s lost elasticity, you can make this mask. Take egg white, beat it well, mix with 2 tbsp flour and 1 tsp of honey. Apply the resulting mask on face for 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water and apply moisturizer. For people to forget about your actual age, you can do this mask 2 times a week.

To look younger than their years, it is necessary to care not only for skin but also for the whole body. For this we also stashed some national recipes of rejuvenation .

Folk recipes for rejuvenating the body

The skin was taut and smooth after each shower or bath all over the body apply olive, or almond oil . And this should be done on damp skin, rubbing it. After this the skin can be wet towel, but ideally it should be dried by itself.

Good tightening effect and have a bath with the addition of bran . Just boil 2 kg of bran in 5 litres of water for half an hour, strain and pour it into the bathroom.

General anti-aging effect and give us natural teas . For example, tea from the leaves of wild strawberry, raspberry, currant or rosehip. These drinks can be consumed every day, only receiving benefits for the body.

As you can see, the rejuvenation at home the process is simple and available for every woman. Most importantly, dear ladies, do not be lazy and to do everything possible to maintain and continue their youth and beauty. Besides using different recipes of rejuvenation eat right, exercise and follow routines. Then your beauty will long be admired by others.

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