Healing - Lara Koch
Healing The healer is the same person, like the others, but endowed by God (the Universe) the gift of healing, clairvoyance and the interpretation of the seen, the spiritual gift…

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The recovery in Chinese medicine. The basics of healing
In the process of the training seminar "Improvement of health in Chinese medicine. The basics of healing" participants will learn about the interrelationship, interdependence and interaction of physical, informational and…

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The Mitera clinic – alternative medicine
The European quality clinic "Mitera" was founded over 20 years ago, the candidate of medical Sciences, chief physician of the clinic Titenko Tatiana Mikhailovna. Our partners are medical institutions of…

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PERU – shamanic practices and ancient rituals – Travel company

The ancient ritual of “Pachamanca”, a Ritual Puente de Rocio, San Pedro ceremony, ritual Wachuma, the ritual of making Owasco, fortune in Coca leaves, a ritual offering to the mother, the Earth – rituals and ceremonies on the route involve a workshop and chat with shamans and are designed for those who really want to personally experience the magic of an ancient culture. Who wants to practice to immerse yourself in the mystical world of Paulo Coelho and understand the magic of ancient shamanic ceremonies, filled with self-knowledge and spiritual development. Who wants to find their “Space forces”, which since ancient times, able to influence the subtle inner world of man, radically changing his view of himself, about the world around him. Deep secret meaning of the ancient rituals in the disclosure of hidden reserves of the organism and the discovery of relevant resources, the uncovering of the dialogue of the soul with the body, restoring harmony and relieving stress.the consumption of “wine of the dead” is equivalent to receiving knowledge from the spiritual world.


Lima – Cusco. Tons of ransfer from the hotel to the Airport of Lima. Flight from Lima to Cusco and arrive in Cusco in the morning. Meeting at the airport with Russian speaking guide transfer to the hotel.Accommodation at the hotel. Traditional Andean Coca tea will help You move more easily to a height of 3.400 m, which is the city of Cusco. After check-in You have the opportunity to relax and acclimatize.

12.00 – visit to the national market of San Pedro where You will be able to see a variety of local products and to see the inhabitants of Cuzco and also acquire the desire of exotic fruits and seeds of this region, to see a unique market for Andean rituals as it is also called the market for shamans. After this, communication with the shaman and receive the ancient knowledge of the meaning of rituals and ritual “Pachamanca” with Andean lunch. Visit the Temple of Sun “Koricancha” – ancient temple of the Sun and moon, now. Fortune in Coca leaves . Free time. Overnight in Cusco.

Early Breakfast at the hotel. A Shuttle from the hotel at 08.00 in the morning to the sacred valley of the Incas to the town of Urubamba to spiritual center .On the way You will visit the Andean Zoological Park, where You will be able to see at arm’s length and condors can capture them flying right above Your head and also visit the Alpaca factory Awanacancha where You will find all kind of Alpaca and llama, and also purchase products from the baby alpacas. Afternoon lunch at Your request and for an additional charge. Arrival in Urubamba.Hotel VillaUrubamba accommodation in 3***. Rest. Meeting with the shaman. Conduct of the offering ritual to mother Earth “Pachamama”. Evening meal is not recommended before taking Ayahuasca. A preliminary conversation with the shaman at 18.00 PM. Night at 19.00 You will take an ancient ritual of the shamans the Ayahuasca . The rest passed after the ritual.

Breakfast at star Lodge. Descend the rope moving in the spiritual center. Rest. A preliminary conversation with the shaman at 18.00 PM . Night at 19.00 You will take an ancient ritual of the shamans the Ayahuasca . The rest passed after the ritual. Overnight at the hotel.

Morning Breakfast and then transfer to the railway station Poroy. Transfer to the train company Peru rail station to the hot springs at Aguas Calientes. On arrival visit the national market for local crafts, which is located near the train station. Then transfer to Your hotel and overnight at hotel.

7 day

Machu Picchu – Cusco

Machu Picchu, the mythical city of the ancient civilization Inko Q. who is known as “the lost city” and is considered one of the most powerful energy places on the Earth where almost every stone of the ruins keeps the seal of secrecy.

Early Breakfast at the hotel. At 06.30 by bus we climb to the archaeological site and seventh wonder of the world Machu Picchu.

Recommended: comfortable shoes for trekking, water, sunscreen and comfortable lightweight clothing.

The conduct of spiritual practices in the lost city of the Incas in one of the strongest places of power on the planet in the complex of Machu Picchu with a guide to the esoteric Chandra. After the tour You will have lunch in a nice restaurant Totos House, which is located on the banks of the Urubamba river. The thermal springs. The mineral composition of these waters is medicinal in nature and helps You relax before moving and after a long ascent. The water of this place contains huge amount of zinc. In the evening transfer to Cusco by train company Peru rail. Overnight in hotel Cusco.

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