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The main secrets of Chinese medicine – 5 basic areas

In China often the function of a physician is transferred from father to son. The more generations of doctors behind him, the more he is respected. Chinese natural medicine, with 5 thousand years of tradition, focused mainly on the dependencies and relationships between different body functions and organs.

Natural treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine

All the therapeutic methods of Chinese medicine are based on the control of vital energy “Chi”. This energy underlies the entire concept of Chinese medicine . which claims that illness is the result of the thread-blocking or imbalance of energy.

All treatment methods are based, therefore, on restoring harmony in the flow of energy. To this end, traditional medicine of China has three large areas:

herbal medicine;


manual therapy.

In addition to these three basic techniques exist another dietary approach and energy East gymnastics. The doctor specializes in, usually on one of the five above-mentioned therapies.


Acupuncture is a real “energy surgery”, which allows you to restore balance in the body. According to the concepts of Chinese medicine . through the body chelovekopotok 12 lines of energy meridians, and each thread corresponds to one body.

By using points along these lines, one can act directly on the individual organs (stomach, spleen, intestines, etc.). Needle (sometimes also apply leeches), placed in certain places, depending on needs, stimulate or inhibit the action of the authorities.

Herbal medicine

It is recommended to treat more than 80% of diseases. Currently, the herbal medicine used by more than four hundred species of plants. Treatment consists in the use of broths and pills from roots, leaves or bark of medicinal plants.

The main difference between East and West is in the selection of appropriate drugs. In Chinese medicine a variety of plants and doses depends not on the source of the problem, and from “energy state” of the patient.

Manual therapy

The history of therapeutic massage is very long, and, depending on the region of China, has evolved many different styles of massage. The most popular Tuy On, he practiced in the hospitals. His premise is simple: each violation in the health of the joints takes a certain amount of energy and blocks the flow, thus causing disease. The person performing the massage, affects body parts and fixes the problem. Conversely, internal medicine (digestive problems, stress) can manifest through body tension and lock.

There is also another form of massage that is appreciated in China and popular in the West shiatsu massage.

Chinese dietetics

Unlike our culture, the principles of healthy eating have not changed in China for thousands of years. Chinese natural therapy is not subject to strict limitation, but individually tailors a diet to age, condition and health of each person. In this case the primary digestive organs are the stomach and spleen.

Chinese therapists emphasize the fact that the food was legkousvaivaemyh, at the proper temperature, was used in appropriate intervals and in appropriate amounts. These basic recommendations of Chinese dietetics are the key to a healthy lifestyle .

Qi-Gong and energy exercises

Borrowed from the Chinese tradition technique of gymnastics Qi Gong allows you to manage your life energy and achieve harmony of mind and body. Very prized among Chinese physicians, because each position has a certain therapeutic value. Position gymnastics Qi Gong are described using poetic and naturalistic images – they are easy to remember. For example, to relieve stress, you must adopt the position of the tiger and push the sky with your hands.

Eastern gymnastics is, above all, to eliminate stress. You need to be able to relax enough to allow free flow of energy in the body.

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