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The Mitera clinic – alternative medicine
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Alternative medicine treatment alternative medicine in Kiev and Ukraine

Alternative medicine, often called alternative medicine, combines the methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, which for some reason has not received universal acceptance among doctors of traditional Chinese medicine. The reasons include the subjectivity in selecting and applying these methods, the conservatism and the lack of basic knowledge of Oriental medicine, the cause of which is difficult to conduct objective clinical trials that could confirm the efficiency of the methods of alternative medicine and to contribute to their widespread adoption in clinical practice. Experience shows that in many cases use for the treatment of ways and methods of alternative medicine allows us to obtain significant results even in cases when official medicine is powerless.

What we offer

We propose a system of treatment of diseases and healing the body through such means as live structured water, medical clothing with bio photons, supersmall bio calcium, teas, petitmoni, peptides, nutritional therapy, etc. The use of this product provides a cure or significant improvement in diseases such as sugar diabetes, prostatitis, varicoseveins veins, visual impairment, diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, joints, liver, kidneys, lungs, cardiovascular, immune and endocrine systems, as well as many other diseases.

Clinical trials (Moscow, 2004) showed a high effectiveness of treatment of clothing with bio photons Huashen company for the treatment of hypertension, migraines, arthritis, arthrosis, cardiovascular diseases, etc. of Great importance to cleanse the body and prevent many diseases is the use of drinking water structured living, which can be obtained at home using a special mug of their nanomaterials company Huashen.

Water is not just H2O. Water molecules are grouped into so-called clusters, i.e. groups under normal conditions of 13-15 molecules. Treatment of drinking water in a mug with biophotons Huashen company allows you to get out of the ordinary drinking water of low-molecular water clusters which consists of 5-7 molecules. This living water is extremely useful for the body, because it has high penetration and dissolving capacity, which allows it to remove impurities and toxins and metabolic products from cells and tissues. Use for drinking structured water of life, according to scientists with the world name allows you to get rid of many diseases and extend human life not less than for 12-15 years. The fact that the mug is really Huashen water structuring, confirmed the Kiev Institute of human ecology, St. Petersburg Institute of gerontology WITH the Russian Academy of medical Sciences, certificates from the USA, Germany, etc.

Why do you need it

Over the past two decades the composition of our diet has changed dramatically: many of the products appeared preservatives, dyes, sweeteners, etc. All these substances are poorly excreted, accumulate in it. This is one of the reasons for the growth of cancer that has increased in recent years worldwide. Structured living water allows to get rid of these harmful accumulations.

The second frequent cause of cancer – acidification of the body. In our diet lacks calcium. Due to the depletion of soil nutrients the contents of calcium, for example, in cabbage, compared to 1976 has decreased in 2,5 times. With the help of calcium the human body maintains the level of acid-alkaline balance. Lack of calcium leads to acidification of the body, and in an acidic environment very well feel viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Cancerous tumors also grow well in an acidic environment. To make up for the lack of calcium, need for an additional appointment. We offer to the consumers is supersmall calcium Huashen company, obtained by the method of geofizicheskogo microdroplet of sashes scallops. This calcium is well absorbed by the body. The results of its administration are staggering. Even in case of advanced osteoporosis significant improvement in the elderly occurs in two to three weeks supersmall calcium. In addition to the main results of treatment strengthens nails and hair, to feel much better.

Excellent results in the treatment of many diseases are teas, petitmoni, peptides, healthy food porridge “Samara big guy” and other tools we offer. We invite You to see the range of our products and to join the program “to Extend the working age of man to 120 years!”.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the various methods of prevention of diseases and their treatment:

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