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What is physiotherapy in cervical osteochondrosis?

After medical treatment of degenerative disc disease, which relieves acute symptoms of the disease, the main treatment begins. It is in the conduct of therapeutic exercise (gymnastics, exercise therapy, yoga…), massages or physiotherapy to strengthen muscular support of the spine, enhancing blood supply to the vertebrae and restore the elasticity of the ligamentous apparatus. Particularly effective physiotherapy treatment in case of osteochondrosis in combination with physical therapy.

As a Supplement to the basic treatment, physiotherapy treatment of osteoarthritis effectively, is useful and has no side effects on the human body. Physical therapy in osteochondrosis affects only the source of the disease, that is specifically on the affected region of the spine, reaching the maximum effect quickly and improving the patient’s condition. Normal condition of organs, tissues, normalizes metabolic processes, improves blood circulation at the site of the disease, reduces the swelling, inflammation, relieves pain and strengthens the immune system of the body.

As we have said, physical therapy in osteochondrosis can be carried out both independently and in combination with exercise therapy, massages…. It depends on the clinical picture of the disease, General condition of the patient and the availability of drugaboratory the patient. Therefore, to assign and to select the appropriate type of physiotherapy should only your attending medical specialist. And there are the following types of physical therapy that are used in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. as well as the lumbar and thoracic:

A form of physical therapy degenerative disc disease


magnetic therapy,

laser therapy,

shock wave therapy,

detenzor therapy

vibration exposure,


ultraviolet irradiation.


Physical therapy with cervical osteochondrosis passes without an electrotherapy that uses electric current. Due to the current produces more heat in the damaged tissues and activate their circulation. Causing pain subside, eliminates unpleasant sensations in the affected parts of the spine and the patient becomes significantly easier. However, this physical therapy in osteochondrosis has its contraindications. it cannot apply to people in the body which you have pacemakers, metal parts or other devices!

Magnetic therapy

Occurs by means of a magnetic field. The field coils are placed on the cervical spine area and exposed to its continuous mode of operation with the induction of a strong field. The duration of magnetic therapy in cervical osteochondrosis is 20 min. today, this type of physical therapy have not yet proved their high efficiency, therefore, is not common and has wide application in medicine.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine is used often and has a high therapeutic effect. This procedure uses a helium-neon laser, which significantly enhances the bioelectrical processes in the cervical spine, relieving inflammation and eliminating the cause of pain. The laser can impinge on a nerve root of the spinal cord and paravertebral region of the affected spine. Procedure lasts no more than 14 min, though the impact on each zone is not more than 2 min.

Laser therapy differs analgesic, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Shock wave therapy degenerative disc disease

Refers to new methods of treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease physical therapy. Though has a wide application in medicine, but has already shown its effectiveness. The treatment takes place using acoustic waves, the impact of which reduces soreness in the area of the disease, stimulates exchange processes and blood circulation in the tissues of the cervical spine.

Detenzor therapy

The method is not new, but has a lot of contradictions from the medicine. It is, in essence stretching the spine with the help of body weight of the patient. Some mespecialist believe that the systematic application of this therapy may affect the disease and lead to the formation of new protrusions, hernia…. And some what the traction relieves the pressure on the damaged vertebrae only during the procedure, thereby bezbolevaya for a while and not eliminating the cause of the disease.


We have heard about the benefits of therapeutic mud and mineral waters. And here cervical degenerative disc disease treated with their help but called such treatment is balneotherapy. Substances with mineral water penetrate into the affected area of the spine that affect the nerve receptors, nervous centers, accelerating the recovery and improving health of the patient. For this purpose, pools, baths and shower with mineral water in combination with curative mud.

The therapy activates the blood flow, metabolic processes, resulting in reduced inflammation and normalized the work of the affected spine.

As you can see, methods of physiotherapy of cervical osteochondrosis is not enough, but to choose and assign them should only be a doctor! Take care of your back, spine and, of course, health!

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