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How to treat gonorrhea at home folk remedies

Treatment of gonorrhea at home

With this article I read:

In cases of suspected gonorrhea should not immediately start self-treatment. The disease is quite secretive, so the most important step is the diagnosis in a special institution, after which you can use medications.

Gonorrhea – an intimate problem that patients do not always seek treatment. In this case, the home methods and recipes will be great help. They can be combined with antibiotics (Ceftriaxone, azithromycin, doxycycline).


Excellent treatment of gonorrhoea in women are physiotherapy, including douching, washing, baths, electrophoresis, paraffin, mud. Most of them can be applied at home.

Vaginal douching (washing) is now less popular, as they prefer to treat the disease with antibiotics. But the efficiency remains the same, regular douching can get rid of chronic form of the disease. The procedure is recommended to do once a day, using warm (in acute form) or hot (chronic) fluid.

As a solution using 2% solution of boric acid, a weak solution of potassium permanganate (1:1 000), mercury oxycyanide (1:10 000). They can be treated and herbal infusions, such as the infusion of black poplar (2 tsp per liter of water).

For vlagalischnom should initially treat the affected external surface with a cotton swab dipped in 3% boric acid. After this the vagina with a syringe pour in one of the following solutions:

potassium permanganate (1:10 000);

5% liniment sintomitsina;

2 percent solution of protargol;

1-2-percent solution of silver nitrate.

Also recommended baths plant-based of chamomile, eucalyptus, sage (1 tbsp each per Cup of water). The liquid is poured into the cavity for 5 minutes, then drained and injected on the half hour a ball of cotton wool. The course of treatment is 1-2 weeks.

The use of compresses and paraffin

Gonorrhea apply a hot compress. For this purpose, the inner layer is made from a moistened gauze, which is placed second from waxed paper, foil or film. The third (outer) layer of Wat. The duration of a single wrap – up to 8 hours. After its removal the skin should be treated with 40% ethanol.

For therapeutic use paraffin wax, melting at a temperature of 44-48 degrees. Applied to the skin the first layer of the substance, he lay on top of gauze soaked in hot paraffin and folded in 8-10 times. The third layer – wool or waxed paper. The course of treatment – 15-20 procedures.

For mud you can go to a special resort, and to carry out the procedure at home. It should be remembered that need to do treatment interruptions (not more often than every other day). Dirt recommended temperature – 40-45 degrees.

Treatment of gonorrhoea herbs

Herbs are the best remedy to treat this infection at home. They have virtually no adverse reactions, operate gently, produce long complex effect. It is best to fight with gonorrhea proved the following tools:

in gonorrhea of the mouth you should rinse your mouth with chamomile tea three times a day, and gonorrhea in the genitals in women make dill water douching vaginally;

men to treat the disease, it is recommended tincture of ginseng, which take 4-5 drops daily with Breakfast;

crushed horsetail and chamomile 1 tbsp poured three cups of hot water and infuse for half an hour, and then used chilled during the day;

tablespoon crushed roots of burdock pour a glass of boiling water and boil 20 minutes. To take the product to be tablespoon three times a day, chilled.

These recipes are not the only treatment option at home. You can use any herbal remedies that have anti-inflammatory (to combat the symptoms of gonorrhea), a diuretic (to remove pus), antimicrobial action.

Contraindications and main precautions

Folk remedies treatment gonorrhea do not have specific contraindications. Individuals do not recommended their use in Allergy or individual intolerance, so if redness, spots, swelling, you must stop using the calling side effect means.

To avoid negative drug interactions with antibiotics, it is recommended to consult doctors on the use of herbs. In case of incompatibility, you should treat the disease official drugs.

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