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Latimeria, the Center of Chinese and folk medicine

The center of Chinese and folk medicine “Latimeria” was established in 2013, the current doctor and former Professor of laser engineering and technology MSTU. Bauman.

In our Center, and Chinese traditional medicine employs a team of highly qualified professionals that have passed a special selection and have perfect knowledge and experience to solve the most complex problems associated with serious diseases.

During treatment, our Center not only uses herbal and traditional remedies, we struggled with the disease all possible ways, with the highest possible degree of efficiency using knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and all the advanced modern methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Among the achievements: a victory over such serious diseases as leukemia, psoriasis, violation of women’s menstrual cycle and infertility, severe gastrointestinal disease, 100% success in treating cataracts, with a complex degree of sight loss by up to 90 %, bezoparnym method.


Our clinic provides a very broad range of services. different diagnostics of traditional Chinese medicine (pulse, manual diagnostics) . also doctors make examinations using ultrasound equipment and based on the results of blood and urine tests that You can do in our Center.

In nechamandra have treatment rooms where specialists conduct sessions of acupuncture, moxibustion, manual therapy, massages, etc. that are aimed at curing, restoring, improvement and simple relaxation of the whole body.

Our herbs deserve special attention, as we work with the best pharmaceutical factories in China that bring us an exclusive grass, analogues of which You will not find in the assortment of other Russian clinics of Chinese medicine.

The uniqueness of our products is authenticity, as confirmed by appropriate certificates, while the market is full of lot of counterfeits which are sometimes very expensive, but did not meet the proper quality parameters.

For many, probably, will seem surprising is the fact that in case of illness the Chinese in the first place are not treated in ordinary hospitals, and in clinics of Chinese medicine, where they are after the pulse and other diagnosis receive highly effective treatment using vegetable mono – and multicomponent substances with a combination of acupuncture, massage, etc.

The centuries-old culture of the Chinese people from year to year ensures the constant presence of enviably high quality of medicinal herbs which are quite effective not only PRC citizens but all over the world.

Production of medicinal plants and so-called formulations – preparations, decoctions and elixirs (recipes from several herbal ingredients) in China is protected by the state and has reached the highest level. These drugs are manufactured in state factories, equipped with high quality equipment.

However, it must always be remembered that despite the wide range in the Internet amongst the many drugs often come across pseudo – extracts from medicinal substances in soy or other oil to supposedly more effective and cheaper, are actually in no way can compete on the appropriateness of their use with the original substance.

In our clinic we use only the choicest herbs with aprobirovany efficiency.

But it should be remembered that every grass has its own meaning and purpose for each specific case, to identify the need and dosage can only be experienced specialist. Otherwise, you may harm your health!

The motto of our doctors and clinics: “For any disease is necessary to apply an individual and comprehensive approach: we must understand that was the underlying cause of its occurrence and to prescribe treatment taking into account all the individual characteristics of the individual and in specific circumstances”.

It should be understood that in one particular case requires complex treatment with application of all possible methods and therapies, in the other case, only help acupuncture and herbal medicine, and in the third it is enough to do a quality massage.

Our Center also operates a pharmacy and medical supply store.

In our pharmacy presents a rich array of herbs and drugs from different suppliers, designed for differentiated needs and abilities of our guests, so that every visitor can pick up the necessary medicine.

Services Center and Chinese folk medicine “Latimeria”:

Admission-doctor of traditional Chinese medicine

Reception-consult a chiropractor


Chinese therapeutic massage

Chinese therapeutic massage with oils

Acupressure head, face, feet, shins


Cupping massage

Warming sagebrush cigars

Massage with a scraper (Gouache)

Fire needle

Treatment fire

Vibration massage

Meridian massage

Advice about healthy eating

Herbal medicine


Special level of comfort is the convenience of location of Center: 5 minutes walking distance from metro station, Parking in a protected area, a comfortable waiting room and friendly staff the clinic.

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