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Folk remedies in dementia

Dementia is a disease gradually turns energetic person in the patient, not able to think abstractly, from whose memory the basic things disappear. And if we get rid of the disease today is impossible, you can prevent further progression of the disease, as well as to reduce existing symptoms.

About senile dementia has long been known, of course, that the healers at all times sought to find a way of ridding the patient from suffering. The most proven and effective recipes, handed down from generation to generation survived to our days. So today, along with traditional medicine has been used successfully in the treatment of dementia folk remedies. These include:

herbal medicine



treatment sounds

Herbal medicine

Perhaps the most common treatment of dementia folk remedies using medicinal plants. Today there are hundreds of species of medicinal herbs, which has a beneficial effect.

The most popular drug is Ginkgo Biloba used for the treatment of memory disorders for hundreds of years. It can improve circulation in the smallest blood vessels of the brain. In addition, primenenie of the drug affects the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain cells.

To slow down the progression of the disease by using herbs, which are now sold in pharmacies: tincture of Valerian root, hawthorn, lofanta thyme. These funds are also used for atherosclerosis and hypertension – diseases that influence the development of dementia.

Many are probably familiar with the sage, commonly used for colds. But during experimental treatment it was discovered that it is also useful to improve memory.


In the treatment of senile dementia of folk remedies a special place is given of aromatherapy, which means the impact on the body with aromatic substances. This treatment originates in ancient times. Today extracted from plants essential oils can be used as fumes when heating, bathing, and also be applied on the skin. A special effect is achieved when rubbed into the skin during the massage. The uniqueness of aromatherapy lies in the variety of mechanisms of action. It may be the interaction with hormones or enzymes in the human body. In addition, essential oils can have a stimulating or calming effect, and cause the patient emotional response to smell. Among the most effective folk remedies in the treatment of dementia may be noted Melissa. It oil, used for aromatherapy, has a calming effect. In addition, this drug helps prevent the loss of acetylcholine – the main link in the development of dementia. A similar effect has and lavender oil. A particularly effective combination of aromatherapy with massage; usually this method is used in clinical practice for patients who are prone to wandering.


To reduce the aggressiveness or nervousness in patients is now widely used treatment sounds. It can be both music and natural sounds: birds singing, the sound of waves. During the experiments it was found that when replacing sedative drugs on sessions sound-therapy of deterioration in patients with dementia was observed.


Mentioning a folk remedy to dementia, not to mention acupuncture. Acting on the patient’s body at special points, we can normalize processes occurring in the body – it is considered by ancient healers. When dementia acupuncture is used as a sedative or a tonic. At the end of the last century this type of treatment in our country was put in a separate specialty called reflexology.

Despite all the discoveries in medicine, some diseases continue to cause many issues. A vivid example is dementia – one of the most mysterious diseases. Effective treatment of the disease today don’t have. However, folk remedies of senile dementia have been successfully used in practice, despite the lack of confirmation of their validity in the official medicine. But before you apply this or that method of treatment, you must consult a doctor. Each method has its contraindications, so in treatment we cannot exclude the possibility of adverse effects, especially when it comes to nervous system – one of the most complex in the human body.

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