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Siberian shamans

They say they can see the future, to control the forces of nature, to communicate with the spirits. How many in this truth? Siberian shamans – the scammers or the prophets?

History of magic shamans

Shamanic worldview began to take shape in the VIII Millennium BC after the Neolithic revolution, which resulted in the vast majority of mankind has moved from the appropriation of natural resources to their artificial reproduction. Refused to create man-made civilizations of the American Indians, the Australian aboriginals, African tribes and Nations of Eurasia has almost stopped in its development. But this circumstance led not only to the preservation of the culture in which the ancient man lived for millions of years, much to its degradation. In some cases it came to ritual cannibalism. Down to earth shamanic magic has replaced religious ideas of God by faith in spirits, as a reward after death was replaced by the infinity of worlds and rebirth. The neighborhood with the benefits of civilization, up to our days, does not contribute to the output of indigenous peoples from the dense jungles, mountains and tundra.

What is the difference between religion and magic?

Religion and magic are two different forms of communication with the spirit world. Religions usually talk about the will of the deity for which it is necessary to sacrifice their predilections. Shamans, on the contrary, strive to use the spiritual world for the satisfaction of preseminary. The spirits of the Nenets Num and nga, they are the symbols of birch and spruce, denote dominion over the celestial and underground worlds, but have no opposition. The Creator of man Num is like God’s resting, and accesses to it are extremely rare. Surrounded by messengers nga — spirits, which Siberian shamans in Russian called a devil or devils. In matters of good and evil spirits hold neutrality, therefore, for the Northern peoples of the Russian word “God” and “devil” are one and the same. The business of shaman is to deceive the spirits, and to conclude with them the unions.

What are the characteristics of a shamanic worldview?

A person has three souls. Erg has the soul of people, animals and trees. Soul, inherited from mother, called utsuki. The soul of Panan is walking through the universe where it wants, which is the cause of all ills. Shamans free the lost souls of Panan, going into a trance and traveling to worlds. Mystical universe of indigenous Siberians consists of heaven and underground worlds, connected by the World tree. Initiation of the shaman occurs voluntarily, in a frenzy of illness from shamanism boys and girls do not feel neither hunger, nor cold, do not freeze, spending days on end in the icy water. Overcome the attacks of visions is a matter of great honor, but it can be extremely rare. In the Nenets and Buryats are black and white shamans, who are traveling either in the upper or in the lower worlds. During the rites at night they hung on birch. Shamans beat the drum, calling the spirits-assistants and ayami, symbolically turning over the legs, pass through the worlds. There they meet the lost souls and spirits need, negotiate with them about health and good hunting.

How did shamanism to Orthodoxy?

After distribution in Siberia Orthodoxy of local shamans began to turn to the “Russian spirits”. Chief among them, Nicolas, was nicknamed Mikulska Bass-lint (“iron bow”). Kamla, the shaman repeats strictly memorized phrases: “Hello, uncle, how are you? Cheers! Let’s drink!” and drinking several glasses of vodka, for yourself and for the spirits, predicting the prosperity of the customers of the rites. All the questions of the spirits he meets quirky false, otherwise, if one tells the truth, his soul may get lost under eternal layers of permafrost. In the case that the shaman will confuse required words, revenge of the spirits will also be inevitable. It is noteworthy that after exiting trance, the shamans are completely sober. Simple people are turning to ayami. For the spirits-the patrons of the little carved idols, and the shaman tells their finicky diet. Because the spirit himself does not eat, the owner ayami is necessary to swallow of the heart striped grouse, i.e. sawdust.

Is it true that these people are clairvoyants prophets?

Clairvoyants, or tudini. unlike shamans prophesy solely in the afternoon. They don’t wear special clothes and do not pass initiations. Chum todina decorated with the image of the cuckoo — a symbol of the spirits of the upper worlds. Tudini are rivals on the court shamans and medicine, for which use only Holy water. The efficacy of these healings repeatedly recorded by ethnographers.

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