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Alcoholism treatment – eight recipes from traditional healers.

Alcoholism treatment is a very troublesome thing. Alcoholism affects not only the patient, but also his family members, friends, co-workers. The main guarantee of success of treatment of alcoholism is the willingness of the patient to be cured, to quit drinking. But, unfortunately, not always this desire is present. This partly depends on the fact that chronic alcoholism leads to mental degradation or manifested in mental illness. People are no longer able to adequately assess what is happening and may not understand that the treatment is necessary. One of the acute psychoses that result from regular use of alcohol is delirium tremens. In folk medicine, there are ways to help such people and bring them back to normal life. Alcoholism treatment will be more effective if the aid will call upon medicinal plants and the advice of traditional healers.

Eight recipes and the treatment of alcoholism will be pleased with the results:

Centaury-1 part, thyme-1 part, wormwood-1 part. Take three tablespoons of mixture of these herbs and pour one Cup of boiling water. Then carefully wrap and infuse for two hours, then strain. To take four times a day for one tablespoon.

Take a glass of vodka, add the lovage root and two leaves of Laurel. Two nedelnogo to insist and give the patient a drink. This drug causes aversion to alcohol.

Very effective decoction of the root of korytnica. To prepare this broth is not difficult. To do this, take a tablespoon of the crushed root and pour a glass of water. Boil 10 minutes on low heat, then wrap and infuse for half an hour. Strain and the broth is ready. Just want to warn you that this plant is poisonous. Therefore, the dosage must be observed strictly by the recipe. One tablespoon of broth to pour a glass of vodka and, not to mention that in a glass of something mixed, to give drink to a person suffering from alcoholism. This mixture is hundred percent causes vomiting and even, then there is a strong aversion to alcohol.

The leaves of the bearberry. Take two tablespoons of leaves, pour a glass of water. You need to boil fifteen minutes. To take six times a day on a tablespoon.

You might be surprised to know that healing from alcoholism sometimes comes after a drunk bite bees.

Regular consumption of sour apples can cause an aversion to alcohol.

Infusion grass creeping thyme (thyme). Fifteen grams of herb brewed Cup of boiling water. Infuse for fifteen minutes. Taken three times a day on a tablespoon. In combination with alcohol causes vomiting, nausea.

Decoction Baranets Lycopodium. Grind 10g. dry grass and pour a glass of boiling water. Boil for half an hour. Take half Cup. To accept only to destination the doctor!

To the treatment of alcoholism was held with great success, traditional healers use a tea. Cure tea is very helpful in this difficult struggle with alcoholism. Tea should be prepared from herbal infusions to drink without sugar and, as soon as possible, in large quantities. This leads to the fact that there will be perspiration, will increase the separation of urine. Herbs each healer uses different, you need only ensure they are aromatic and diuretic. Drink tea warm for 15 or even more glasses a day, while adhering to a strict diet.

The benefits of such treatment tea is that aromatic infusions fill the stomach and temporarily drown out the need for artificial irritation of alcohol. They act on the mucous membrane of the stomach, removing the accumulation of acid, mucus and a chronic catarrhal condition. It is very important that, entering the blood and excreted in copious amounts of urine, they can alter the composition of blood.

Advise two, the most effective for this purpose, the recipe of tea:

St. John’s wort, wormwood, peppermint and yarrow. Take equal parts of each of the plants. All components chop, mix and brew a big pinch of boiling water.

The root of calamus, Angelica root, juniper berries (half part). To cook as in first recipe.

Treatment of alcoholism requires a lot of patience and effort. But when deliverance from alcohol addiction, this will be the highest award for the spent nerves, strength, and for your patience.

The main advantage of such treatment is willpower, I wish you to have.

Treat cats and other animals?
So different zootherapy. Treat a cat actually from something or all the rumours about their miraculous aura greatly exaggerated? Even as a treat! I. not only cats. Some animals since…


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