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The recovery in Chinese medicine. The basics of healing
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What can shamans

Why the Altai, the sacred centre of the Earth?

Perhaps many of you have these questions never been asked, but, perhaps, it is difficult to find someone who, if possible, wouldn’t want to know the answers!

Herodotus wrote that the Altai is a place where griffins guard the gold of Zeus. In the 19th century, archaeologists discovered in the burial mounds of artifacts depicting griffins, older than Herodotus 400 years. What was once considered a myth, began to materialize. Thousands of pilgrims, hunters ‘ impressions, truth seekers attract these edges. Majestic mountains,clear springs, mirror lake mysterious.

Altai – a Paradise of legends. myths and speculation, land of shamans. Indigenous peoples inhabit the territory of Altai for thousands of years lived in harmony with nature. For them nature is a universal language in which they communicate with spirits, cure illness, ask for protection from the elements, look into the future. Altai is the only place on Earth where as in Ancient Greece preserved the storytellers – the people who sing the history of the Altai, is able to convey the memory of the people.

Along with shamans, storytellers have shaped the world. In the USSR the ancient knowledge was banned and only now we have a unique opportunity to restore the truth.

Obviously, not everyone can go to the Altai to learn how shamans see the world, to understand the mysteries of the universe. However, this does not mean that we will not be able to get answers to our questions first hand.

Nikolai Andreevich Shadoew belongs to the ancient family of Irkit. known since the time of Genghis Khan. He is the curator of the Museum, which contains sacred things and the attributes of the shamans with the most inaccessible parts of Mountain Altai.

Scientists from many countries came to a distant village of the Altai mountains, to explore the ideas of Nikolai Andreevich Stoeva. In his works, Outlook, unusual for a Western man.

The basis of the Altai worldview and belief (Bilik) Nikolai began to learn from childhood from his grandmother, Times. In 1970 a study of the Bilik – ancient wisdom of the Altai people has become a conscious reality of life. This knowledge exist in our days is not so much in the written sources, the texts, how many in the memory of people, traditions, customs, views on life. Some believe that he has a “Sudura”, the mythical book of wisdom, known for legends of the Altai.

In 2011, online festival “TOKINO” was presented documentary film, where Nikolai Chadaev tells about Altai, about how shamans see the world.

The film has collected tens of thousands of Hits in a relatively short period, after which it became clear that the book with which everyone will be able to see the world through the eyes of a shaman, meant to be and its publication can only be a matter of time!

It should be noted that the book was written many years ago and in abbreviated form is already published in England, Germany and Turkey . However, in Russian it is still preserved only in manuscript form!!

4 years after the presentation of the film, we realized that the time of the publication of the book in Russian has finally come! But in order for her to see the light need a financial infusion! That is why we appealed to the public financing and hope for the support of all who believe in the power of the earth and the spirit of Altai.

The book describes how shamans perceive nature, what is the soul and the shaman differs from an ordinary person, what is the connection between the earth and the cosmos. All phenomena and objects in nature considered alive, because they have the spirit and soul.

In the book are not common knowledge, and philosophical Altai folk wisdom, is not yet fully understood. The author relies on his knowledge and on knowledge – predictors – seers, through their ability to understand the inexplicable in nature, in social life, i.e. studying shamanism.

What will money:

On the services of a professional editor, proofreader, and designer;

The designer and Illustrator — after all, the book should be easy and enjoyable to read.

On the edition, printing and binding services;

On taxes.


In addition to the book itself for his significant contribution to the implementation of the project, we have prepared special gifts:

Box Altai resources

In an eco-box with the Altai petroglyphs handmade You will find:

Balsam Mountain Altai

Honey taiga motley grass. (C. yield, over Belokurikha)

Herbal manual slicer

Pine nuts

Cedar cone

In addition, we store the secret development of special purpose –

The trunk of the taiga resources

This object is disguised as a wooden chest for fishing tackle that will allow You to take it in any aggressive campaigns, including conferences and meetings with business partners under the guise of a hermit fisherman!

Package contents:

Herbs of Gorny Altai

Honey Altai, mountain. Turochaksky herbs

Pine nuts


Healthy candies with dried fruits, nuts and honey

Cones with pine nuts


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