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The clinic of traditional Oriental medicine Dr. tai

Center of Oriental medicine in Moscow

Eastern medicine – a systematic body of knowledge of the medical wing, which emerged on the basis of careful observation of vital functions and functioning of the human body, and building on the basis of the paradigm, which can be described as the doctrine about symbols and numbers. In addition to her various medical techniques are practical methods of psychophysiology, nutrition, rhythmology and others.

Eastern medicine looks at the person as a specific part of nature. Phenomena of the environment in which we live, where we include both the natural and the man understood Chinese traditional medicine as the ratio of Yin and Yang, which represent aspects of a single reality, and in this case they are opposite. The occurrence of any disease is the result of a kind of struggle between the body’s defenses with the offense that caused the disease itself.

Prevention of occurrence are the main focus of concern to any doctor of Chinese medicine. Therefore, at the present time, however, as thousands of years earlier, the principle of treatment of the patient earlier than the occurrence of the disease. The main factor of treatment in Oriental medicine is to find and eliminate the cause of a problem and not only its external manifestations.


In Chinese medicine, massage is one of the most important methods of prevention and rehabilitation. Very common is acupressure. This procedure will offer any center of traditional Chinese medicine. This method has a high degree of similarity with acupuncture. This similarity is the impact on the same active points, but this time only by pressing. Any Chinese massage has its equally – the doctor uses either a nail or the pad of your finger to press on various acupressure points. This massage is good for relieving pain in different parts of the body and improves circulation. Also it improves the supply of oxygen to the organs, cleanses of toxins, give energy, and you will feel fit and full strength.

Acupressure Chinese massage in Moscow can offer you our clinic of traditional Chinese medicine. It is very useful in the treatment of various migraine pain. It is mandatory in the treatment of joints. In these cases, this technique also works with other methods of medicine. He also gives excellent results in cases of anti-inflammation of the respiratory organs. Excellent too high lowers pressure as well as muscle pain. A lot of different diseases of the digestive organs is also treated with acupressure.

About the treatment of Chinese medicine and influencing neuropsychiatric disease, it is possible to tell long. This method is very effective. Any doctor of Chinese medicine will tell you that acupressure is perfectly improves the brain. After several treatments you will notice that the different tasks you have to perform a lot easier and faster, and the desired information is placed in the head as they should. Also it can be used in many fields, be it weight loss or rejuvenation.

Treatment, Chinese medical point is very well suited for kids. Our Chinese medicine clinic will offer you this service. After recurrent such therapy in children improves school performance, they become healthier and more energetic. This massage has long been known to doctors involved in sport. Because nothing can better prepare the athlete for a performance, than Chinese acupressure. During the break, and nothing will be able to relax better.

Among various techniques of acupressure, there are those who are very interested in beautiful half. After all, the result of several sessions of visiting this therapy becomes more delicate skin which looks very young and becomes like fine Chinese porcelain. So if you want to enroll in acupressure Chinese massage in Moscow, our clinic gladly waiting for you.

It is also important to note that Eastern traditional medicine has not only the techniques of acupressure, but the method of conventional massage.


Vietnamese medicine has several directions of its activity: acupuncture, herbal medicine, balneotherapy.

I would like to highlight herbal medicine, because this kind of Vietnamese medicine has unique features of Chinese herbal medicine. It is the Vietnamese herbalists have their own unique recipes and various ingredients for the manufacture of special medicinal mixtures.

If you would like to contact our Chinese medicine centre in Moscow, our highly qualified doctors will always give you quality advice, and prompt solution. Come, and you will quickly get the desired result.

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