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Sciatica is a pinching or inflammation of spinal nerves extending from the spinal cord of man. Sciatica in recent years began to meet more often, affecting not only the elderly, but patients of young and middle age. Very often this disease is observed in people leading a sedentary, sedentary lifestyle.

The basis for the development of sciatica is most often (95% of cases) is the osteochondrosis of the spine. And aggravating factors in the progression of the disease are physical stress, trauma, hypothermia, stress or infection.

Treatment of sciatica have to be integrated, only then you can achieve a stable remission of the disease. Traditional therapy of sciatica consists of the prescription of medicines, possessing anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, physiotherapy, spinal traction, hirudotherapy, Spa treatment.

Physiotherapy treatment for sciatica is used for a long time and has fully proved its effectiveness. At the heart of any method is a physiotherapeutic effect on the body of any physical factor, the effect of which is aimed at normalizing the activity of damaged anatomical structures. Physical therapy has a stimulating effect on protective reaction of the organism, thereby leading to normalizationof (constant internal environment). The result is a strengthening of reparative processes in the damaged tissues. Stimulation data of nonspecific reactions with therapeutic effect is due to the reflex irritation of the skin and underlying tissues.

Great importance in the implementation of reflex responses belongs to the neuro-endocrine system. In the acute period of sciatica, you must use tools, which could reduce the intensity of nerve impulses coming from the lesion to the pituitary gland. And any physical impacts on the contrary the hyperemia (redness) of the affected tissues and amplifies these pulses. Therefore, physiotherapy treatment for sciatica should be assigned only after decrease the signs of exacerbation of the disease. The most effectively for sciatica is the application of UHF therapy, magnetic therapy and electrophoresis of various medicinal substances.

UHF-therapy is a method of electrotherapy in which the patient acts ultrahigh magnetic field. Biological tissues absorb this radiation and convert it into heat energy. UHF therapy has a pronounced anti-inflammatory action, improves the function of connective tissue, stimulates cell renewal.

Electrophoresis is the introduction of drugs into the patient through a constant electric current. Sciatica electrophoresis was carried out with the use of painkillers, anti-inflammatory and absorbable drugs. Very effective in the treatment of sciatica electrophoresis with karipazim (proteolytic enzyme of vegetable origin). Karipazim effect on the intervertebral disc, making it more elastic and soft. As a result, there is an increase in disc height and strangulated nerve endings are released. In addition, karipazim contributes to the regeneration of the damaged disc and restores its structure.

The impact on the human body is a variable or constant magnetic field is called magnetic therapy. The magnetic field acts on the existing in our body, the dipoles of water, resulting in change occurring in the affected tissues the biochemical and physicochemical reactions. Magnetic therapy improves the microcirculation, strengthens regenerative processes. Magnetic therapy has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, sedative and anti-edema effect.

Like any other method of treatment, physical therapy should be conducted only as prescribed by a doctor and under strict medical supervision.

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