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Medicinal herbs and plants of Siberia

Siberian medicinal plant known since ancient times. In ancient times people began to explore and use for the treatment of ailments. Scientists-archaeologists during excavations often found dried remains of plants and fragments of pottery for grinding herbs.

Healers and medicine men recorded their best recipes, collecting and summarizing the experience of their own ancestors and for future generations. Later on these recipes were United in handwritten books called “Herbals” and “medical Manual”, which is passed from hand to hand.

As you probably already guessed, today we will talk about medicinal herbs and plants of Siberia. All at once, of course, it’s impossible to describe, so we will briefly focus on some of them. Let’s start with perhaps the most popular plants of Siberia – the Siberian cedar.

The Siberian cedar

Those who visited the cedar forest, recalls a unique, pure the air that you cannot breathe. Enough to spend only one hour a day in this forest, to improve the body. For example, the sweet smells that filled the air in cedar forest, have the most positive impact on the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system.

All parts of a mighty cedar tree have medicinal properties. From nuts, pine needles, molodyakov, tree bark prepare tinctures, infusions and decoctions for the treatment of broncho-pulmonary diseases, pneumonia, tuberculosis. And is also used in stomatitis, diseases of the joints, rheumatism, gout, diseases of the blood. Decoctions of needles used topically in the treatment of diseases of the skin, added to baths for General strengthening of the body and also to relieve fatigue, tension, stress, strengthen the body. And that’s an incomplete list of conditions and ailments that can be treated with this mighty tree.


Ivan tea or Fireweed is a very beautiful flowering plant, reaching a height of five feet. Its stem is covered with lilac-pink, or pale pink blossoms, which are collected in small clusters. Fireweed can often be found in the Tyumen region. Although it is widespread from the Arctic circle to Kazakhstan. And, the North is growing fireweed, the more it medicinal properties.

From the flowering tops of the plant, its leaves used for the infusion, which is used in complex treatment of oncological diseases. North Cyprus has a fairly strong sedative effect. Using plants to heal diseases of the stomach, throat, restore metabolism, etc.

Calendula officinalis

This plant has another name – marigold. An annual plant with beautiful flowers of all shades of orange. Has diaphoretic, antibacterial action, cleans the blood from harmful substances. Calendula is prepared from infusions, tinctures, used for the treatment of diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, diathesis and rickets.

The plant is used both independently and in training camp with other herbs.

For example, in the treatment of skin ulcers, lesions, cuts, wounds, marigolds mixed with grass, sage (in equal parts), cook the broth, then make lotions. After this treatment the wound heal quickly and not fester.

Red clover

This plant can be found everywhere on forest edges, clearings, meadows and roadsides. Pink clover has many medicinal properties. It is used as an expectorant, diuretic, diaphoretic, antiseptic. The flowers are used in treatment of kidney, cold, cough. It will help in asthma, good for diabetes, tuberculosis.

Broth like pink and white flowers of clover improves metabolic processes, particularly fat, reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, stimulate the regeneration of tissues and improves immunity.

Burnet officinalis

This is a very interesting herb with small, oval Metalock on thin stems. In fact, these metelochki consist of many very small flowers of dark cherry or maroon color. In the treatment using the whole plant during flowering, but is especially valued root and rhizome of Burnet.

From the roots is prepared a healing potion, which is used in the treatment of various bleeding. Drug infusion watered the patients with acute form of colitis, enteritis.

Relieve diarrhea. Plant, grass, flowers, roots also possess the ability to constrict blood vessels, help with cramps. Infusion of plant used as astringent, analgesic, antibacterial remedies.

A decoction of the roots, rhizomes Burnet is used in varicose veins, burns, treat dysentery, fibroid, cervical erosion.

Peony medicinal

Very beautiful plant with large flowers from white to dark Burgundy colour. Also called the peony, Marin root. It is planted in gardens and on farmland, as a decoration of the flower garden. For medicinal purposes use petals, roots. From them prepare drugs for the treatment of gout, neurosis, vegetative-vascular dystonia. The peony, or healing agent thereof, used in the treatment of epilepsy.

Of course, it is impossible to tell about all the medicinal plants and herbs of Siberia. The region is famous for its healing herbs. And many of them, in particular, the Siberian cedar and fireweed are appreciated far beyond the borders of our country and got worldwide fame.

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