Rejuvenation at home with the help of popular recipes
Most likely, there will be no such women that would say that she doesn't want to stay young. After all, youth, best of the eternal, — the dream of every…

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Rejuvenation at home with the help of popular recipes
Most likely, there will be no such women that would say that she doesn't want to stay young. After all, youth, best of the eternal, — the dream of every…

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Alternative medicine treatment alternative medicine in Kiev and Ukraine
Alternative medicine, often called alternative medicine, combines the methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, which for some reason has not received universal acceptance among doctors of traditional Chinese…

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Treat cats and other animals?

So different zootherapy.

Treat a cat actually from something or all the rumours about their miraculous aura greatly exaggerated? Even as a treat! I. not only cats. Some animals since ancient times in different countries was considered sacred because of its healing qualities. Despite the fact that traditional medicine is a four-legged “healers” while used very rarely, in the West the terms “animal-assisted therapy” (from the Latin “animal” — an animal) and “pet therapy” (from the English. pet — Pets) have long taken root and gained popularity among patients.


Oddly enough, but the greatest effect of treatment by communicating with animals is observed in children. Psychiatrists suggest that this is because the child’s mind is more labile and children are more “open” for contact. For example, dealing with mice, rats, hamsters, Guinea pigs and other rodents help shy children to overcome isolation and to overcome his inhibitions and fear. A true champion of “night doctors” are recognized as white rats: they are able to win a children’s neurosis.

Reptiles crawling

Another famous physician of antiquity, Paracelsus offered to treat like with like. So troubling to children suffering from phobias (fear of the dark, snakes, spiders, etc.), according to psychologists, it is useful to tame your fear is more closely acquainted with its cause — a snake, spider, etc. Contained in home terrariums snakes and other reptiles, help to strengthen the nervous system and even facilitate the course of epilepsy in children. (Perhaps not coincidentally African Bedouins for centuries, the snake has applied to the affected area so that it “took the sickness”). Of course, the king Cobra keep in the nursery for this is not necessary — enough to make a harmless snake.

Kesha and others

Parrot Kesha from the familiar childhood cartoon not only relish was talking about Tahiti, but noticeably brightened up the life of a young boy Vova. “Tale lie, Yes in it a hint”. It is proved that parrots are great company for a child who has problems with the reproduction of speech (does not pronounce the letter “R”, has bad diction, etc.). The kid, trying to learn to speak their winged pet, and he finished faster than in the classroom with a speech therapist!

Matroskin and the company

Still, back to the question ” Treat a cat? “Definitely: Yes. Treatment with cats called “feline” (from lat. Feles “cat”). Observations have shown that if a person often petting your favorite cat in the direction of the wool and thus suffers from diseases such as hypertension, migraine, sciatica, arthritis and many others.Dr. he feels much better. According to American scientists, vibration at a frequency from 22 to 44 Hz (in this range murlychet cats) speeds up the regeneration of cells. So hysterical child crying any more cat nobody will calm”!

Balls and Doggies

Not far behind on the level of therapeutic effects on humans and cat’s sworn enemies — dogs. The method canistherapy (from lat.canis — “dog”) has proven successful in the treatment of childhood pathologies associated with disorders of communication — autism, Asperger’s syndrome, etc. well-Known American scientist and dog expert Stanley Coren has found that dog on his mental development is on the same level as a two year old, so it’s easy for them to find a common language. Today in many paediatric clinics of America are specifically trained dogs are on the staff of the medical staff, and classes with them much to develop the mental ability “special” children.

Amazing dolphins

Dolphin has already become common place in medicine: it is unlikely that someone will challenge their therapeutic effect on children. In Soviet times in Crimea and on the black sea coast of the Caucasus there was the scientific research centers to study the dolphins. The basis of Dolphin-assisted therapy is the use of ultrasonic waves that emit these amazing marine animals. The beneficial effect of ultrasound dolphins are particularly noted in children with mental retardation, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, etc. To achieve this effect, chibiromano regularly just swam beside them.

“And ponies — horses, too!”

Communication with horses has a positive effect on the child’s psyche. For example, in the UK these animals has been successfully used for correction of drug addiction among teenagers. And even hippotherapy (from the Greek “hippos” — horse) is indicated for cerebral palsy, the cerebral circulation and in the rehabilitation period after various injuries of the spine. Especially useful horses to girls in a difficult transitional age, when it is necessary to keep the posture.


Unfortunately, very often children are allergic to wool and feathers, making it impossible the presence of cats-dogs-the Canaries in the house. What remains for animal therapy in this case? Aquarium fish! It turns out that they not only decorate the interior, but also beneficial to health. Small guppies or veiltail — the real “silent therapists”. According to scientists, prolonged observation of aquarium fish reduces stress, anxiety, successfully treats insomnia and tantrums.

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