Hindu Lotus - traditional medicine - Recipes of traditional medicine and alternative treatment
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Alternative medicine in Ukraine
Alternative and folk medicine renewed its popularity in Ukraine. As in Britain and other European countries, more and more people are turning to antiquated methods of treatment, or improve their…

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Physiotherapy is a complex medical procedures, which are based on chemical medicines, and the health effects on the human body physical factors. Such as: electromagnetic field, light and heat radiation, ultrasound, laser. Physical therapy effects on the body reacts more gently than medications. However, there are contraindications. Treatment necessarily made individually for each case by a qualified doctor.

In the medical center “Redintegro” in Voronezh . when prescribing the procedures of physiotherapy . our medical specialists will review Your medical history, Your body, and will choose the right for You course of treatment. After all, only well-written complex physiotherapy will prevent the probability of side effects. However, this therapy has been and remains one of the safest medical fields for the treatment of diseases and injuries not amenable to traditional methods of therapy.

In our clinic we perform the following electrical videoapparatus procedures:

magnetic therapy (apparatus “Almag-02”) – the impact on the organs and tissues of the human body by low-frequency magnetic fields;

galvanization (“Thread-1”) – treatment constant, do low voltage and power;

electrophoresis (“Thread-1”) – effects on the body electric current, simultaneously delivered through the same current medicinal product;

ultrasound therapy (“UST-Medtech”) – based on the specificity of the interaction of ultrasound with biological tissues;

phonophoresis (“UST-Medtech”) – the use of ultrasound waves to increase exposure of the drug;

SMT-therapy (low frequency therapy)/SMT-phoresis (“Amplipuls 5-BR”) is a treatment variable modulated current;

ultratonotherapy (“Ultratone”) – the influence of modulated high-frequency current;

UHF-therapy (“UHF 60”) – effect on tissue with ultra high frequency alternating electromagnetic field;

laser therapy (“matrix-2”) – treatment using special optical radiation;

laser-vacuum massage (“matrix-VM”) – a combination of massage and laser therapy;

shock wave therapy (SWT) – the use of low-frequency waves that cannot be perceived by the human ear;

myostimulation (“Viniplus”) – treatment and restore the natural function of muscles, nerves, internal organs with the use of pulsed currents.

In addition, the “Redintegro” you can undergo mechanical therapy. hydrotherapy and herbal medicine.

The patient is held carefully selected and comprehensive course of physiotherapy will assess the effectiveness and efficiency of this method. No expensive drugs and no injections, and only a pleasant session, during which you can just relax. The effect of physiotherapy will not take long.

The advantages of physical therapy techniques:

Each type of physical treatment can successfully cope with different diseases and, in addition, is used for the prevention of many complications. A well-chosen mode of operation the medical device is a key to success in treatment. The most modern in Voronezh the equipment of the medical center “Redintegro” provides multifactor therapeutic effects in many chronic diseases and injuries. Physiotherapists using a variety of techniques can suppress enhanced and strengthen weakened function of an organ.

Easy portability procedures, the minimum number of side effects, long lasting effect — it allows to cope with many symptoms of the underlying disease, not only during the procedure itself, but also for a long time after its completion. Each course of complex physical therapy significantly prolongs remission.

If you need effective and professional physiotherapy treatment in Voronezh – we are waiting for You in “Redintegro”. Without stress and queues, we quickly and comfortably for You will provide the necessary medical service.

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