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Healing – Lara Koch


The healer is the same person, like the others, but endowed by God (the Universe) the gift of healing, clairvoyance and the interpretation of the seen, the spiritual gift of prayer. All spiritual gifts are interrelated and cannot be implemented one without the other. Every Gift is being developed under the action of another. The healer pays attention to her spiritual development and inner excellence, conscious of its mission on Earth, develops their positive qualities, living in harmony with everything around the world.

Healing is not just a gift, but also a serious psychological stress. Not everyone is willing to calmly accept not only pleasant facts and visions, but also the pain of another person, his inner emotional suffering, sometimes they are hidden even from the man himself, and the healer show what you need to work man.

Healing has nothing to do with extrasensory, bioenergetics, and occult methods of influence.There are situations when people have lost faith and hope for a cure at the doctor, trying to find miracle recipes, and fall into the hands of sorcerers and magicians. In addition, it should be understood that traditional medicine treats the physical body, healing involves the correction of a human spiritual world.

The healer works by using spiritual prayer, with the information he receives through the Divine channel. But, first of all, he must love bolnogo to have a sincere desire to help him.

The main task of a spiritual healer finds the spiritual problem that will help a person to become himself, to accomplish his task on Earth, as envisaged in the plans of the Creator. The subsequent treatment can be effective only when people understand correctly the main goal is the knowledge itself, its internal problems influencing health status, relationship with the outside world.

When working, the healer . uses his physical senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch and joint sensations. The healer sees the causality of their problems. This information for each healer uses individual — some get via pictures, show scenes from the life of a man who left his Soul imprint, Generic the program that you want to complete or work,perhaps in prayer. Others get information through the divine channel, in the form of energy, transforming it into a thought form. The healer give important information in a given time, not necessarily it is connected with health, it may be that at the moment the person burden on your shoulders, disagreements with loved ones. When you work with people, the healer will point the way, at the moment, are important to people. Sometimes Vice versa, one comes with Emotional pain, and it goes to the development of a particular disease and need to undergo a physical treatment, reinforcing spiritual work. All individual processes.

How are the healers ?

Any healer . working with energies, necessarily connected to at least one channel through which he works. Channels are energetic frequencies. Each channel corresponds to a strictly defined frequency. All the systems in the human body and all the organs have their own frequency. The healer using the channel information and has a different effect on a person or a situation. With the help of the channel changes corresponding to the properties of the channel. Transformative impact — an inherent property of these frequencies, therefore “no effect” channels just can’t. Through the channel flows divine healing energy, it enters the organ or system where it fails. Using this healing . divine energy can occur over any distance. It is very important that the healer used this energy for the good and pure intention, and love for people. The healer is always responsible for the use of his Gift, not to use it he can’t. If he only treats himself and his family, or uses for profit, he will be given a lesson that will make them think about their actions and words. Healers believe and know that God is. And working with people, they clearly see what’s happening, if a person lives in denial of the Supreme master. But not one healer will not help you if you don’t wish to move on the path of recovery, taking responsibility for their lives. Healing is a two-way process!

Only by mutual participation, the physician will be able to help you!

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