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Herbs for beautiful hair

Healthy, well maintained hair makes any woman beautiful. When the best funds are not able to restore the beauty of damaged hair, you need to remember the secrets of our grandmothers.

Long braids, beautiful hair, their splendor could boast of many women in the old days. They knew the secrets of proper care. The best means of hair care – herbs. Grass is now used for rinsing, wraps, masks. Herbs are part of the most expensive natural remedies.

But does it make sense to buy a hair mask containing extracts of herbs, if this natural raw material is at hand? Using natural herbs, you can be absolutely confident that no fake will not damage hair.

Nature offers us a great variety of herbs, with their help you can accelerate hair growth. to maintain their beauty and health. We should not think that once rinse it with a decoction of herbs over dried, discolored and dull strands, immediately you see in the mirror a beautiful woman with long hair. Care for your hair and scalp regularly, and only then the result will be. And, in addition, so you can save on beauty .

Herbs are most often used for rinsing. The composition of the mixture is chosen depending on what hair problems are concerned. Prepare a herbal decoction is very simple: 5 tablespoons of herbs pour boiling water and let stand for 20 minutes under a towel. Strain and use for rinsing. Water to be approximately 0.5 liters for medium hair.

It is possible to prepare medicinal hair mask that will make them lush and beautiful. To do this a handful of herbs mixed with a glass of olive oil. The mixture was tightly sealed and for 3 weeks put in a cool dark place.

The finished product is applied to damp hair, leave for 20 minutes, then wash off with water.

Properties of herbs for hair care

Nettle accelerates hair growth, strengthens them and prevents hair loss, improves blood circulation in the scalp. A decoction of nettle helps get rid of dandruff .

Burdock strengthens hair, accelerates their growth, it is useful for oily hair. The oil from burdock root is used against hair loss.

Rosemary improves blood circulation in the scalp, providing nourishment to hair roots. It is effective against oily hair. The constant use makes your hair shiny and lush. The decoction of rosemary is rubbed into a dry scalp.

Mother-and-stepmother — a great tool for the care of the scalp. Helps with loss of hair, gives them strength and Shine.

Lavender soothes irritated scalp and relieves itching and normalizes sebum production. Its pleasant aroma has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Sage is used against dandruff and oily scalp. Effective for acne on the scalp and irritation.

Calendula is a wonderful anti-inflammatory agent. It is indispensable for rashes on the scalp. It soothes irritated skin, softens and nourishes it.

Chamomile has the same effect as calendula, it disinfects and soothes the scalp, adds Shine to hair. In addition, chamomile is used to impart a beautiful Golden shade of blond hair.

Basil promotes growth of hair and facilitates their combing.

Birch leaves help with hair loss, dandruff, dry hair. They are perfectly combined with other herbs, these can be included in any herbal mixture for hair care.

Peppermint disinfects the scalp and prevents dandruff.

Herbal recipes for hair

Grandma’s secrets beauty and health include various herbs and fees.

Decoction to strengthen hair

Take one tablespoon rosemary, one tablespoon chamomile. Add the four Bay leaves. All pour a liter of boiled water and put to boil for 10 minutes. This decoction should rinse the hair.

Herbs for hair from fat

To get rid of excess fat hair, prepare an infusion of sage or oak bark, with the addition of Bay leaf. Two tablespoons herb pour a liter of boiling water and put to boil for 10 minutes, then add three Bay leaves and let steep for 30 minutes. Use as a gargle.

Herbs for hair growth

Accelerate hair growth infusion of birch leaves. Add 100 grams of birch leaves in two cups of boiling water, wrap in something warm and leave to infuse for about 2 hours. This infusion can be rubbed into the hair roots or use as a gargle.

Herbs for hair loss

In the fight against hair loss you can use lime blossom, plantain leaves, marjoram, sage, chamomile flowers. Mix these herbs in equal proportions, and prepare the infusion used for rinsing hair after washing.

Herbs to restore hair after giving birth

Many women complain of hair loss after childbirth. It is connected with hormonal changes and lack of vitamins and minerals. To make hair grow faster use a honey and egg mask and such folk recipes herbs:

1. Infusion of nettle and burdock root (1 tablespoon of herbs and roots steamed Cup of boiling water) to RUB in before washing the hair within a month.

2. In tablespoons of the mother-and-stepmother, nettle, zveroboja steamed with boiling water (300 g), to insist in a thermos for several hours, strain, add 200 g of vodka. RUB this mixture before washing your hair.

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