Use onion for good health and immunity

Propolisnoe honey — the miracle drug in folk medicine
Propolisnoe honey is a unique product that does not remain without attention of modern beekeepers. He has an impressive number of beneficial properties and finds its use in the treatment…

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Whey for hair and face
One of the elixirs of female beauty and health is the whey . This inexpensive natural product it is recommended to apply as a universal cosmetic agent. WHEY MEDICINAL PROPERTIES…

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Folk medicine in the treatment of simple tracheitis
Infection causing viral disease (influenza, SARS, adenovirus disease), going down from the nasopharynx, can also affect the trachea. Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the trachea called tracheitis. In this…

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What can shamans

Why the Altai, the sacred centre of the Earth?

Perhaps many of you have these questions never been asked, but, perhaps, it is difficult to find someone who, if possible, wouldn’t want to know the answers!

Herodotus wrote that the Altai is a place where griffins guard the gold of Zeus. In the 19th century, archaeologists discovered in the burial mounds of artifacts depicting griffins, older than Herodotus 400 years. What was once considered a myth, began to materialize. Thousands of pilgrims, hunters ‘ impressions, truth seekers attract these edges. Majestic mountains,clear springs, mirror lake mysterious.

Altai – a Paradise of legends. myths and speculation, land of shamans. Indigenous peoples inhabit the territory of Altai for thousands of years lived in harmony with nature. For them nature is a universal language in which they communicate with spirits, cure illness, ask for protection from the elements, look into the future. Altai is the only place on Earth where as in Ancient Greece preserved the storytellers – the people who sing the history of the Altai, is able to convey the memory of the people. Continue reading

Shamans and Shamanism


The relationship between the healer and the patient is not a one – way street. Can be healed and the healer to get help might help himself. The same relationships, rituals and States of consciousness to heal the patient, can heal and the therapist. As we will see below, even the mere desire to help and heal can be beneficial to both parties. This process of mutual healing is especially important for shamans because shamans have always been “wounded healers”, or otherwise affected in the past. As clinical observations, but also world myths indicate that he who went through his own illness, maybe better than anyone else, to help alleviate the suffering of others. As Carl Jung said, “suffering eliminates suffering”.

Shamans are people who are often in so much pain. This suffering might fall upon them suddenly during the crisis of initiation or the shamans themselves went deliberately to suffering during periods of seclusion and asceticism. Often, these people overcome the crisis through the ritual, and helping others. Sometimes “the shaman must first heal himself and his disease initiation and only then to treat the other members of their community”. Continue reading

The clinic of traditional Oriental medicine Dr. tai

Center of Oriental medicine in Moscow

Eastern medicine – a systematic body of knowledge of the medical wing, which emerged on the basis of careful observation of vital functions and functioning of the human body, and building on the basis of the paradigm, which can be described as the doctrine about symbols and numbers. In addition to her various medical techniques are practical methods of psychophysiology, nutrition, rhythmology and others.

Eastern medicine looks at the person as a specific part of nature. Phenomena of the environment in which we live, where we include both the natural and the man understood Chinese traditional medicine as the ratio of Yin and Yang, which represent aspects of a single reality, and in this case they are opposite. The occurrence of any disease is the result of a kind of struggle between the body’s defenses with the offense that caused the disease itself. Continue reading

Medicinal herbs and plants of Siberia

Siberian medicinal plant known since ancient times. In ancient times people began to explore and use for the treatment of ailments. Scientists-archaeologists during excavations often found dried remains of plants and fragments of pottery for grinding herbs.

Healers and medicine men recorded their best recipes, collecting and summarizing the experience of their own ancestors and for future generations. Later on these recipes were United in handwritten books called “Herbals” and “medical Manual”, which is passed from hand to hand.

As you probably already guessed, today we will talk about medicinal herbs and plants of Siberia. All at once, of course, it’s impossible to describe, so we will briefly focus on some of them. Let’s start with perhaps the most popular plants of Siberia – the Siberian cedar.

The Siberian cedar

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Treat cats and other animals?

So different zootherapy.

Treat a cat actually from something or all the rumours about their miraculous aura greatly exaggerated? Even as a treat! I. not only cats. Some animals since ancient times in different countries was considered sacred because of its healing qualities. Despite the fact that traditional medicine is a four-legged “healers” while used very rarely, in the West the terms “animal-assisted therapy” (from the Latin “animal” — an animal) and “pet therapy” (from the English. pet — Pets) have long taken root and gained popularity among patients.


Oddly enough, but the greatest effect of treatment by communicating with animals is observed in children. Psychiatrists suggest that this is because the child’s mind is more labile and children are more “open” for contact. For example, dealing with mice, rats, hamsters, Guinea pigs and other rodents help shy children to overcome isolation and to overcome his inhibitions and fear. A true champion of “night doctors” are recognized as white rats: they are able to win a children’s neurosis. Continue reading

Traditional recipes of beauty
Exercises for freshness of lips Stretch the corners of the mouth to the side. Take a deep breath through clenched teeth, then clenched teeth, pulling his lips and slowly exhale…


Medicinal herbs and plants of Siberia
Siberian medicinal plant known since ancient times. In ancient times people began to explore and use for the treatment of ailments. Scientists-archaeologists during excavations often found dried remains of plants…